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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunny Weather and Hummingbirds

This is me! In November of 1978. I was 2 years old! Did my mom think that I would "wear" my Cheerios? Ha Ha!

Woke up to some great sunshine! PTL! We did have some frost though. I think all our plants survived. Such a great blue bird day!

We did our schooling...relaxed...did laundry...made beds...dishes...and then got ready for our swimming! They are now my chlorine babies!

Melina sure can swim!!! They did drill work today and she can hold her breath forever! She has some lungs like her daddy! Fantastic. Olline is doing well also. She works so hard and does everything her teacher asks of her!

We had our salmon for dinner and we are ready for the day to be over. But...it always continues...I have more laundry to finish along with cleaning up the living room a bit.

Melina got a used dresser a week back and she is sanding it right now, so that she can paint it! She is very excited to have a dresser she can paint herself. (She is painting it blue!)

SO...that is all! Oh...about the hummingbirds. We are still enjoying them coming to our feeder. I have to fill it everyday, with the many that drink out of it. Sometimes we will have 8 birds on the feeders! So fun. We like to go outside and stand under the feeder and we can watch them up close and personal! Thank you Lord for such beautiful birds.

Good night family! God Bless!

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