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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gorgeous Day

Grammy and me 6-25-83

Grammy (Helen King) in 1957 with cute kittens

We woke up to a super gorgeous day! It started off sunny and windy, but as the day went on the wind slowed!

Today Melina and I painted her dresser. She sanded down the whole thing herself. We started painting in the wind and sun! BAD idea. It dried before we could put more paint on and it clumped up really bad. We all got frustrated and Melina cried a little. I felt so bad about the whole thing. So we prepped up a spot in the garage and started again! Melina was so happy. We painted and painted as much as we could. We even went to Home Depot together and picked out new handles for the drawers. Just Melina and Mom time. She needs that! We get so busy sometimes, and forget that the girls just need one on one sometimes.

Jade has been working hard at getting the boat all ready. Fixing, cleaning, and making it all work nice. We will wash it tomorrow. We even went to the Hoot Owl for lunch today. Yummy!

Olline just helped out everyone. She would play by herself outside and help out dad when he needed it; or help me! She is so good and never complained.

After all the painting was done I decided to wash the Suburban and the truck. My rig was so filthy!!!!! Yuck. Feels good to get that done. I feel so accomplished:)

We are just winding down now. Girls are ready for bed and I am ready to sit on my couch or maybe straight to bed also.

Hope your days were good. We love you all! God Bless

PS...still working on getting my new photos down loaded!

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