God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Sunday, May 31, 2009

This morning we went to church and had a good service. Afterwards, we just went home and did a few things here. Had a BBQ and relaxed most of the day because it was pretty warm. I think it was 86, but again it felt hotter. So beautiful.

Well this evening we went out on the lake. We told the girls that the water may be a bit cold! We also took Melina's friend Amanda with us! We anchored the boat up in one of our special places on the lake and the girls jumped in. Well...Melina jumped in! Then got out really fast! Olline felt how cold it was and barely made it in. After a few minutes all the girls were in and had a great time. The wind was blowing a lot, so we didn't stay long.

Melina and Olline trying to get wet in the cold lake today!

Amanda trying to get the nerve to get in!!

Girls up on the beach area playing!

Melina in the COLD lake!

First Tooth

Yeah! Olline lost her first tooth last night! Finally...it was hanging there for a long time. She just pushed on the back of it with her tongue and POP, it came out! Yeah Olline! Good job. Melina lost her first tooth at 6 years old in early August! Same age! We are so happy for her.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

My Grandma and Grandpa (Dad's Parents) in New York at the Copa Cabana in 1964! I love this photo!

Aunt Karen, Grandad holding Mom (Debby) and Uncle Jerry at Grand Coullee Dam in 1953!
This is one of my favorites!

My sweet mom (Debby) was awaken at midnight by Grammy (Helen) to pose for New Years Eve Celebration! 1957 - I think she looks a little like Olline!

Hot Hot Hot

Today was hot! I know it said that it was 86 on our temperature reader, however, I feel it was hotter. It was just plain HOT! I did enjoy it to a point, but when I start sweating too much, I don't enjoy it. The sun is just so gorgeous though and it is making our yard and flowers perfect!

Yesterday evening the girls and I visited our good friends from our swim team at their home. They have a very nice place in Sagle. They have two girls, Sarah and Emily. Sarah is 7 and Emily is 9! Just perfect for our girls. We all get along so well and they are super great people to be around. We stayed there till about 8pm and took their daughter Emily home with us to spend the night with Melina. They had a great time and I hope Emily felt comfortable here!

So this morning we all got to sleep in a bit (except for Melina and Emily). Jade had to work at the mountain for a while. Emily's parents came to get her and then I just cleaned around the house! Doing the cleaning I could sure tell the temperature was going up!

I then enjoyed reading my book for a bit and Jade came home and took us out to buy me Crocs (he wanted to do that for Mother's Day, but it didn't work out). My first pair and I think I am liking them. They are such funny shoes, but to have something to slip off and on is nice. Jade wears his all the time!

We were all so hungry so we decided (in the heat) to try a new place close to wear the City Beach is called the Loading Dock. They have all fresh salads, hot dogs, and homemade pizza! Yum. We tried a bit of everything and sat outside (there was no AC in the building!).
We were all so warm we headed home for a little rest and I read lots in my Elizabeth I book (so good).
It is now 8pm and Jade is mowing the lawn. The temperature has cooled and all our windows can be opened. Feels good.

Hope all our families had a good day. Hope all your health is great. We love you so much. God Bless.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I thought you all might enjoy these photos my mom just sent to me! They are gorgeous pictures! I wonder what they were thinking at the time the photo was taken!
1945 - This is my Grandad (Clyde Don King) and my Grammy (Helen Louise) and my Great Grandad (Clyde Sr.). They are beautiful!!!

1944 - This is Grandad (Clyde Don King) Isn't he handsome? He has his pilot wings too! So awesome!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer is here

5-28-09 Girls at the computer. I just trimmed Ollines hair and I trimmed Melina's the other day.

5-28-09 Our backyard this morning! I wish you could see all the apple trees better. It doesn't show very well in this photo.

5-28-09 Our sweet friend Sarah and Olline at swim today!

This is Olline's "new" dresser that Melina had before. It has been sanded and painted and waiting for knobs!

Here is Melina's new dresser that we sanded and painted and put new knobs on!!! Homemade shell knobs!

I just have to say that SUMMER is HERE! I am so happy about that. It was about 85 today! WOW! Thankfully our house did stay really cool, but it sure felt good to let that warm sun hit my body.

Today was a good day. We didn't do any school. I decided to clean up (a little) Jades clothes. Since Olline got Melina's old dresser, I used Olline's old one for Jade! He has been using this old TV stand, so now at least he has a dresser to put a few items in. Then I did a lot of laundry folding! Does laundry ever slow down!?!?! I also was able to finally talk with my mom! We have been so busy that I haven't been calling her. It felt so good. I think we talked for almost 3 hours! PTL!!!! I love that we can talk that long!

So after 3 hours...I got the girls ready for swim. It is always fun to watch them swim. I am so proud of them. Olline is coming along super well. I am just so thankful that they are able to do something like that.

Now I just fed the girls. Jade just walked in the door. I think I will go visit and see what he would like to eat. Hope all our family has a great evening! Talk soon! God Bless!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God is amazing!

I just have to say that our Lord is amazing! It is a gorgeous morning! The sun is so beautiful and it is shining right through my window! I just love it. The apple trees have blossoms and our back yard looks like a perfect picture! I love it here! Praise The Lord! Hope all my family will have a great day! May the Lord direct you in all you do. Love you all! God Bless.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally some Pictures!

Okay here are a few photos! Hope you receive them and enjoy them. Love you and God Bless!
5-25-09 Beautiful morning on Lake Pend Oreille

5-25-09 Diana on the lake

5-25-09 Girls on the boat!

5-21-09 Nasty Slug in our HOUSE!

5-16-09 Olline with a tortise at the Farmers Market in Sandpoint

5-16-09 Olline with her favorite car!

5-16-09 Jade and Olline with some cool cars!

5-16-09 Side view of the 1938 Chev

5-16-09 1938 Chev Truck

Memorial Weekend

Check us out! Diana, Jeremy, and Jennifer! 1980's

My sweet brother Jeremy with his Star Wars JEDI toys! 1984

What a busy four day weekend. Jade was off Friday - Monday! So we spent every moment doing something! We even got our boat in the water! It is now floating in the water at our dock. We just love that boat and are so thankful for it.

I was also busy fixing up old dressers for the girls. I had no plans on keeping the old one of Melina's. However, why would I go and buy another used one for Olline when Melina had one right there? So I started sanding it down (it was so ugly with a dark wood like stain) just to see if it was worth saving. So, after doing all of Melina's...Olline's was next. I am still working on it. I just finished painting the last two drawers! After that dries I am going to see if I can custom make her knobs. We did Melina's knobs in real shells!!! I am still working on hers too! So when all is done I am hoping to get photos for you all. WOW! That is hard work but so enjoyable.

Yesterday's weather was so fantastic. I got up at 5am to get things ready for our boat trip on the lake. We got the girls up at 5:45am! When we were finally on the boat it was 7:30am. It was perfect. We spent the whole day on the lake. I believe we were out there for 7 1/2 hours!! That is a long time. The lake is still too cold for swimming, but we fished instead. We got NOTHING! I am not sure there is fish down there. Jade says that we are trolling to fast. However, it was so fun. The girls did very well also. The played, watched about 15 minutes of a movie, argued, laughed, played Nintendo DS, and ate! They even dipped their toes in the water. We even went to have lunch at the Bottle Bay Restaurant. It was yummy! The best fish and chips anywhere!

So when we got home at about 3:30pm Jade and I crashed! We have been moving non-stop all weekend and that just about did us in. We slept for 3 hours! The girls just played in the house. I didn't think I was going to pass out like that! See what too much sun does to you?! Speaking of sun...Jade burnt his body! He had sunscreen on his face, but nothing on his chest or back! He had taken his shirt off for a bit and forgot more sunscreen. You would think that we would learn! The girls were protected though! PTL!

SO...I have been trying to get my house cleaned up a little today. I have been doing other things, but not my house! It can get messy so fast.

Well, that is about it. The girls will be swimming at 3pm today. Looking forward to that. So I hope all our families are having a great day. Love you all! God Bless.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gorgeous Day

Grammy and me 6-25-83

Grammy (Helen King) in 1957 with cute kittens

We woke up to a super gorgeous day! It started off sunny and windy, but as the day went on the wind slowed!

Today Melina and I painted her dresser. She sanded down the whole thing herself. We started painting in the wind and sun! BAD idea. It dried before we could put more paint on and it clumped up really bad. We all got frustrated and Melina cried a little. I felt so bad about the whole thing. So we prepped up a spot in the garage and started again! Melina was so happy. We painted and painted as much as we could. We even went to Home Depot together and picked out new handles for the drawers. Just Melina and Mom time. She needs that! We get so busy sometimes, and forget that the girls just need one on one sometimes.

Jade has been working hard at getting the boat all ready. Fixing, cleaning, and making it all work nice. We will wash it tomorrow. We even went to the Hoot Owl for lunch today. Yummy!

Olline just helped out everyone. She would play by herself outside and help out dad when he needed it; or help me! She is so good and never complained.

After all the painting was done I decided to wash the Suburban and the truck. My rig was so filthy!!!!! Yuck. Feels good to get that done. I feel so accomplished:)

We are just winding down now. Girls are ready for bed and I am ready to sit on my couch or maybe straight to bed also.

Hope your days were good. We love you all! God Bless

PS...still working on getting my new photos down loaded!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunny Weather and Hummingbirds

This is me! In November of 1978. I was 2 years old! Did my mom think that I would "wear" my Cheerios? Ha Ha!

Woke up to some great sunshine! PTL! We did have some frost though. I think all our plants survived. Such a great blue bird day!

We did our schooling...relaxed...did laundry...made beds...dishes...and then got ready for our swimming! They are now my chlorine babies!

Melina sure can swim!!! They did drill work today and she can hold her breath forever! She has some lungs like her daddy! Fantastic. Olline is doing well also. She works so hard and does everything her teacher asks of her!

We had our salmon for dinner and we are ready for the day to be over. But...it always continues...I have more laundry to finish along with cleaning up the living room a bit.

Melina got a used dresser a week back and she is sanding it right now, so that she can paint it! She is very excited to have a dresser she can paint herself. (She is painting it blue!)

SO...that is all! Oh...about the hummingbirds. We are still enjoying them coming to our feeder. I have to fill it everyday, with the many that drink out of it. Sometimes we will have 8 birds on the feeders! So fun. We like to go outside and stand under the feeder and we can watch them up close and personal! Thank you Lord for such beautiful birds.

Good night family! God Bless!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Taste of Old Sandpoint and our day

Sandpoint School in 1887! WOW!

Main area in Sandpoint, where 1st Ave. is now. Right down town! Schweitzer Mt. is in the background on the left! 1900's

I think this will be short. It is 8:15pm and I am trying to get my girls to bed. We just got back from the City Beach! We walked around and had lots of fun. We even swung on the swing set! So cool! Jade would give the girls "under doggies"! I hopped on it and he gave me one. I haven't done that in SOOOOO long. I loved it and I haven't laughed like that in a long time. It makes you feel so good. I felt 10 years old! I HIGHLY recommend it!

So we are trying to calm down now and get ready for the night. Jade is protecting our tomato plants because the weather man said that we will be getting a freeze tonight. Not good. We did have lots of wind and surrounding black clouds. It stayed sunny, but with those tempting rain clouds.

Oh, Melina's swim meet has been cancelled for us. The meet itself isn't cancelled, but they had a limit for the amount of racers and we were too late. They have 520 racers going already! (It was not our coaches fault) So we are so sad! We were looking forward to going. I think we might try to do another one June 19-21. We will see and I will keep you posted.

Love you all, Good Night. God Bless!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A new day

Okay, here is my sister Jennifer and I sitting on the couch in December of 1977! WOW! So cute, don't you think?
This is of my Grandma (my dad's mom) and her father (my Great Grandpa) on the farm! Such a neat photo!

Spring is tiring...I mean that in the most wonderful way. I have been so used to the slow-winter-hibernating months and now we are out and about doing lots of things. My body is tired. I like it, it feels great...just didn't realize how "bear like" I become in the winter. I love Spring!

Today I woke up early and hopped on the ol' treadmill. It was fantastic. I do like working out, but my knees are not so good. I have to be careful. But it does make me feel better mentally!

After that we all got ready for another day of school. We had a good day. We are studying the oceans! Fun. Oceans are pretty cool.

Melina has been reading the first of six books called Warriors. It is a book about cats! Not too sure all the details, but she loves them. She is almost done with book one. If she reads book two, I said I would get her the next four! Fun stuff.

At 12:45 I rushed out the door and took my kids to my friend Shannon's house in Sagle. She watched my kids and took them to swimming so I could get a hair trim and color. She is a very sweet lady and glad to have her in my life.

After that I went to the pool to watch and pick up my girls. Jade surprised us and showed up at the pool side for a few minutes. He loves to watch his girls swim.

Then we got home and we ate and felt tired! That swimming just makes my girls so tired. I love it. It is so great for them.

I just cleaned the kitchen and I think I will go rest a bit. Have a great night. God Bless!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sun is here!

Here is a photo of two of my relatives on Grandad's side. The little girl is Grace with Cola King right behind her! Grace in Grandads aunt and Cola is Grandad's Grandma!!! I believe this photo was taken in the early 1920's! WOW...Look at what they are wearing! Cool!
Here is our birthday boy! 9 years old!

Yesterday...we ended up not going to church! I (I feel so bad) forgot to put sunscreen on Olline when we went to the Lost in the 50's show on Saturday! Her face burnt and her scalp and a little on her arms!!!!! Jade also burnt his whole head! So I guess I was a little embarrassed to take them to church! So, we decided to do work at home. Jade weed whacked and I mowed! It was great. I actually like mowing. We have a riding lawn mower and that helps, but it was nice to tune out for a while and think to myself! It was great! The sun was hot and we remembered to put on sunscreen!
Jade also worked hard on fixing us a sprinkler system for our garden! He did our front flower bed a while back, and this time we have it for our garden! SO COOL! Wish I could show photos, but again I am unable to get them downloaded on the computer. I need to fix my program. Sorry.
We did go to the garden center and bought, peppers, cucumbers, and we also got two tomato plants from the farmers market on Saturday. Oh, and Olline wanted a little flower for she and her sister! So cute-we planted them in the front flower beds.
We then had a BBQ on the deck and enjoyed it out in the sun under our umbrella! It was so nice to sit out there and enjoy our first BBQ of the season.

Oh and I can't forget...it was Chowders 9th birthday! He is 63 years old in dog years! We love him so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!

I think that is it. Need to get to our school now. Will write soon. God Bless!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sandpoint Shuts Down for the 50's

(Thought I might share these photos I already have on my computer...the first one is of my Grammy and Grandad, with my Uncle Jerry on top of the trailer, taken in 1948 - The bottom picture is of me and my mom in November in 1982!!)

Today was a great day. We all woke up and started our day as usual. Melina had been invited to go to Silverwood by a friend she met at our home school co-op classes. So she was excited and left with her friend around 9:45am. Jade, Olline and I left after that to work our way into the busy town of Sandpoint! We had to park at our bank in town because there are no available spots in the town! We walked to the Farmers Market (right in the middle of Sandpoints main area) and met up with our friends Rich and Kelly. WOW! I had never seen Sandpoint so busy, only maybe for the 4th of July! All the cool old cars are parked everywhere up and down the streets of our town! The main road was shut down so that "we the people" of Sandpoint could walk and enjoy looking at all the wonderful cars. I would love to show pictures, but again my computer is not letting me download anything! (There's always computer issues:() I will try and get them going, but it may take me a couple days.
Anyways, the day was perfect. The sun was bright and hot (we all got a little sun burn :( and we were in great company. We walked the street for about 3 hours and then headed home.
When we got back we sold the SUBARU!!! Jade just posted our Subaru on the internet Thursday, I believe, and it sold today! That is great. PTL!

I read my book for a little while (I'm reading The Lady Elizabeth -Queen Elizabeth) and waited for Melina to come back from Silverwood. She returned around 5:00pm and we then hopped in Jades truck one more time to see if our boat dock was ready for our boat at the City Beach! NO...not yet. But maybe by next weekend we will have our boat in the water in our boat slip.
So that was our day. We thank the Lord for protecting us and giving us such blessings.
Love all our family lots! God Bless!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lost in the 50's

Jade, Olline and I headed down town to watch the Lost in the 50's parade. So many people come to watch and it is fun to see all of them. People come to save a spot on the side of the roads at about 4:00pm and the parade doesn't start till 6pm! We got there at about 5pm. Melina wasn't with us because she was able to be in the parade with Amanda. Her Papa Steve has a truck and they rode in the back. I have a photo of her in the truck, but for some reason my computer picture program is shutting down on me!!! FRUSTRATING! So I will try to post those tomorrow if all works.
Here are a few to enjoy of Olline and the cars. I am going to rest now and get the girls in bed. Melina just was invited to go to Silverwood Theme Park tomorrow morning! So I need to have her sleep. She will be so tired-and so excited.
Tomorrow we are going back to town to view the fun old cars in town. They park them and we get to view them! Vroooom...Vrooom...Vrooom!

Love you all family-God Bless

Ok...I am having issues with my photos!!!! Please be patient! I am not sure why they are not down loading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I was having a few issues trying to get these photos posted. Hope you all enjoy them. Can you see the turtles in the top photos? They were so cute.
Later at 6pm we are headed to town for our Lost in the 50's car parade. It's exciting and I think the weather will be okay. Wish all of our family could be here with us.
Today we did our schooling and then Melina was ready to run off to her friends house (Amanda). She is going to be in the parade and ride in one of the old trucks.
Jade has had the day off and I am so happy for him. Having a three day weekend is a treat. He has been working hard on trying to wax his truck. He is a perfectionist!
Other than that, we have had a good relaxing day. Not much going on yet. We love you all! God bless.

More Photos

I thought I might share a few more photos of mother's day. We went out to Mirror Lake to fish and a little row boat. It was such a great time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am tired. I think this will be short. Got up again early. I love that. I get to start everything early and fresh.
I cooked all morning for some friends coming back from China. I bet they are so tired and ready to sleep in their own beds. God bless them. I am so happy they are home and can't wait to meet their new son!
Swimming lessons went great. I think that is my favorite park of the day and if you asked what my kids favorite part was, they would say the same.
We went to Coeur d'Alene this evening. Picked up a few things at Costco. Now we are home and it is late and my kids are still up! I need to get them in bed NOW!

So I will end this. Good night to you all! God Bless.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long Day

Today I got up at 5:30am. I haven't done that in a very long time. Felt good to be up with the birds. I worked out too!
Then after I fed the girls breakfast, we start school early! PTL! The school day went great and I just enjoyed teaching today. Melina and I just started reading The Swiss Family Robinson! Fun. I have never read it. I have only seen the movie and I can't wait to get more into it.

After school I got to talk to my mom. I haven't had one of our good LONG conversations in a while, so it felt great to listen to her voice! (Thanks mom:)

Then before we knew it it was time to get ready for swimming lessons. The girls jumped in the pool and I could just relax and watch and visit with my friend there.
The girls are swimming fantastic. Melina is almost always the fastest:) We are so proud of her. We have a swim meet at the end of the month in Kennewick. We are looking forward to it!
Olline is also swimming great. It is great to see her try so hard!

After swimming we dropped off books at the library and then went to Yokes for a few groceries. We came home and ate dinner and it feels good to be home and relax.

Good night to you all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

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