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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Today was hot! I know it said that it was 86 on our temperature reader, however, I feel it was hotter. It was just plain HOT! I did enjoy it to a point, but when I start sweating too much, I don't enjoy it. The sun is just so gorgeous though and it is making our yard and flowers perfect!

Yesterday evening the girls and I visited our good friends from our swim team at their home. They have a very nice place in Sagle. They have two girls, Sarah and Emily. Sarah is 7 and Emily is 9! Just perfect for our girls. We all get along so well and they are super great people to be around. We stayed there till about 8pm and took their daughter Emily home with us to spend the night with Melina. They had a great time and I hope Emily felt comfortable here!

So this morning we all got to sleep in a bit (except for Melina and Emily). Jade had to work at the mountain for a while. Emily's parents came to get her and then I just cleaned around the house! Doing the cleaning I could sure tell the temperature was going up!

I then enjoyed reading my book for a bit and Jade came home and took us out to buy me Crocs (he wanted to do that for Mother's Day, but it didn't work out). My first pair and I think I am liking them. They are such funny shoes, but to have something to slip off and on is nice. Jade wears his all the time!

We were all so hungry so we decided (in the heat) to try a new place close to wear the City Beach is called the Loading Dock. They have all fresh salads, hot dogs, and homemade pizza! Yum. We tried a bit of everything and sat outside (there was no AC in the building!).
We were all so warm we headed home for a little rest and I read lots in my Elizabeth I book (so good).
It is now 8pm and Jade is mowing the lawn. The temperature has cooled and all our windows can be opened. Feels good.

Hope all our families had a good day. Hope all your health is great. We love you so much. God Bless.

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