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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sun is here!

Here is a photo of two of my relatives on Grandad's side. The little girl is Grace with Cola King right behind her! Grace in Grandads aunt and Cola is Grandad's Grandma!!! I believe this photo was taken in the early 1920's! WOW...Look at what they are wearing! Cool!
Here is our birthday boy! 9 years old!

Yesterday...we ended up not going to church! I (I feel so bad) forgot to put sunscreen on Olline when we went to the Lost in the 50's show on Saturday! Her face burnt and her scalp and a little on her arms!!!!! Jade also burnt his whole head! So I guess I was a little embarrassed to take them to church! So, we decided to do work at home. Jade weed whacked and I mowed! It was great. I actually like mowing. We have a riding lawn mower and that helps, but it was nice to tune out for a while and think to myself! It was great! The sun was hot and we remembered to put on sunscreen!
Jade also worked hard on fixing us a sprinkler system for our garden! He did our front flower bed a while back, and this time we have it for our garden! SO COOL! Wish I could show photos, but again I am unable to get them downloaded on the computer. I need to fix my program. Sorry.
We did go to the garden center and bought, peppers, cucumbers, and we also got two tomato plants from the farmers market on Saturday. Oh, and Olline wanted a little flower for she and her sister! So cute-we planted them in the front flower beds.
We then had a BBQ on the deck and enjoyed it out in the sun under our umbrella! It was so nice to sit out there and enjoy our first BBQ of the season.

Oh and I can't forget...it was Chowders 9th birthday! He is 63 years old in dog years! We love him so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!

I think that is it. Need to get to our school now. Will write soon. God Bless!

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