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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer is here

5-28-09 Girls at the computer. I just trimmed Ollines hair and I trimmed Melina's the other day.

5-28-09 Our backyard this morning! I wish you could see all the apple trees better. It doesn't show very well in this photo.

5-28-09 Our sweet friend Sarah and Olline at swim today!

This is Olline's "new" dresser that Melina had before. It has been sanded and painted and waiting for knobs!

Here is Melina's new dresser that we sanded and painted and put new knobs on!!! Homemade shell knobs!

I just have to say that SUMMER is HERE! I am so happy about that. It was about 85 today! WOW! Thankfully our house did stay really cool, but it sure felt good to let that warm sun hit my body.

Today was a good day. We didn't do any school. I decided to clean up (a little) Jades clothes. Since Olline got Melina's old dresser, I used Olline's old one for Jade! He has been using this old TV stand, so now at least he has a dresser to put a few items in. Then I did a lot of laundry folding! Does laundry ever slow down!?!?! I also was able to finally talk with my mom! We have been so busy that I haven't been calling her. It felt so good. I think we talked for almost 3 hours! PTL!!!! I love that we can talk that long!

So after 3 hours...I got the girls ready for swim. It is always fun to watch them swim. I am so proud of them. Olline is coming along super well. I am just so thankful that they are able to do something like that.

Now I just fed the girls. Jade just walked in the door. I think I will go visit and see what he would like to eat. Hope all our family has a great evening! Talk soon! God Bless!

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