God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Friday!!!

I am so thankful it is Friday. I am exhausted and looking forward to the weekend. However, I am not sure this weekend will bring me peace. It is Halloween weekend and we will be trick or treating around the neighborhood. We still have to figure out the exact way the girls will be dressing up. I think in the end they will both look something like fairies or sprites. I will try to take good photos to share of the final result.
Today is a good day. Woke up early and headed off to swim. My coach worked me hard. You could tell because at the end my face was beat red!!! It felt great and I am so thankful I am able to find time to do it!
We did a bit of schooling. A nice light day...and the girls appreciated it. Melina will have a few tests coming up and so Monday will be a hard long day for studying and such.
I have been trying to catch up on house chores. Trying so hard to keep up with myself and my kids and my husband. There are so many things to be done and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. With teaching the kids all day, seems my home gets a little unruly! So, that is my goal today and tomorrow...clean, clean, clean! It's hard to be Super Woman!
I hope that you are not to bored with my pumpkin patch photos. I had taken so many and I have enjoyed them all. Hope you are too.
Here are my next batch of pictures...I believe this will be it for the pumpkin farm. I hope to have pumpkin carving and Halloween costume photos up for my next post. So stay tuned...

I took this driving on windy roads in Spokane. Well my husband was driving and I was trying very hard to snap a quick picture! Pretty good considering all the bumps and twists in the road!

Just another picture of the castle! I just love this castle. I love that you can go inside of it and look off the balcony. I love the hops vines growing on the sides. I love the paintings they did on the outside and the inside. I love the painted creatures all over the castle that we like to look for. I wish I had one in my backyard! (It would be totally for my kids...I'm serious...heeee)

This is where we hopped on the train for a drive around the pumpkin farm!

These photos are not in order. This is me and my husband is next to me, watching our girls throw the bean bags into the piggies mouths! They loved that they could throw something at their parents!!! Melina was really chucking them at us! I was trying to avoid my camera being hit by one of the bags!!!

We were able to throw the balls first. Our chance to hit our girls...(oh stop...I would never hit my kids...never!) Maybe that is why the girls were really throwing them hard at us! I really couldn't even make it in the mouth. I think I did once or twice, so my kids were safe...this time...moooaaahhhh!

This is at the farm also. It is a huge pirate ship that kids can climb and slide on! You can even go inside of it. There is a dead (all bones) captain inside. Maybe later I will post that photo.

Dad and Melina on the train! Ahhhh, precious.

Tooot tooooot!!!! Chuga Chuga!

Big huge mouse trap! Watch out, it could take down my husband!

Just a perfect day! I loved the fall tree colors!

May God bless you all today! May He protect you this weekend. Remember to have fun on Halloween, but be super safe. Don't eat all your candy...well, at least that is what we tell our kids so we can sneak in there later and have one, or two!
Wow, I must be feeling a bit spunky today! I am a good girl, I am!
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning!
Thought I would post something earlier today. We are getting ready to start our day of school. Melina is currently doing her online Pre Algebra class. It is really cool and she gets to be with other kids her age as the teacher teaches. She does this as well with her Language Arts class. These classes are just extra lessons, she still has LA and Pre-Al assignments that we do in our home. LOTS of work!!!
Olline is doing great as well in her studies. Both girls do a program called Study Island and they can earn ribbons for the high grade percent they earn. Olline won a blue ribbon and a free pizza for doing so well in her Study Island!!!
So, it's school, school, and more school...then off to the swim team!!! (Hope I can shower somewhere in there) Tuesdays and Thursdays are always long days because the girls swim after school. Melina also swims Friday...lots to do and we love it. Hard, tiring, stressful, but so worth it! PTL!!!!
Here is my next batch of photos from our pumpkin farm field trip. Thought I would start off with my lovely daughter with her bushy eyebrows. No, those are not her "real" eyebrows. Those are moss eyebrows she pressed on her real eyebrows! Actually, I think they came from the fuzzy part of the corn husk. She was getting tips from her dad!!!!

Another pretty photo of the maze and sky.

Oh look...its my daughter and myself! Usually I am not in photos, but my husband took a quick pick of me and I am so happy Melina snuck in this one!!!

Every year we take this photo. It is sort of a joke because my dad's name is Bob! It is just a little fun they add to the Corn Maze. No, I suppose it really isn't funny, but we still have a chuckle or two over it! My dad is alive, young and not even close to the grave...sorry dad! (We love you Papa)

Here is our family! Having a great tome together! I love these people so much!

Here is a close up of that grave!

Hope your day is filled with great things. Things of Love, Happiness, and the Love of Jesus!
God Bless

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday...I have nothing to say...

I am having a writing block...I blame it on the weather. I probably shouldn't do it, but when things go crazy or weird, I blame the weather. Todays weather is horribly gloomy and extremely rainy!

Thank goodness I have a few great photos to share...they always cheer me up.

View of maze from castle...most of the maze is in the corn!
Here is the Corn Maze we went through at the pumpkin farm. Part of the maze was low shrubs. Lots of fun to roam through.
(This is also my photo entered into Pastor's Girl's Ponderings photo contest!!!)

At the end of the maze is the castle! FUN!

We were looking at all the squash, pumpkin, apples and such...and my daughter found this!!! A Banana Squash! Holy Moly it was huge...keep that in mind while you get to the second to last photo...

Another gorgeous view of the maze and castle.

Again...(sorry so many) a view of the castle.

Remember that Banana squash? Well it squashed my daughters finger and this is her in pain! So sorry honey!


Hope you all have a great evening! God Bless you all!

Hopefully my writing skills and thoughts will come back!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Pickers

Yesterday we were able to take a field trip day to the pumpkin farm in the Spokane area. I believe we have been going to this pumpkin farm for 5 years now! I will have to check my photo books to make sure, but I know it has been every year for a while now.
We have a great time and we love to pick our own pumpkin on these fields.
The weather was perfect...not to cold, just right. We knew it would rain on the weekend so dad took off Friday so we could go there.
They have a great big castle in the middle of the corn maze, which we love going threw and having the girls try to figure out the way. (I will have more castle and maze pictures coming soon!)

So here is the start of our pumpkin day...

Melina wheeled her sister out into the fields!

It was a fantastic day to pick a pumpkin.

Fall is the best time of year...I think so anyway.

We found our pumpkins. Dad picked out a 51 pounder, Melina's was a bit under that, Olline's was the smallest and mine was a good old medium size. I think Melina and her dad were in a bit of competition on the size of their pumpkins!!! They are huge. I will have to take separate photos of their pumpkins so you can see the size comparison! Crazy!

Olline is a happy girl. Happy to go on a field trip. Happy to be with her family. Happy to pick her own pumpkin. Happy to have her photo taken! She is just happy!

Melina is a happy girl too, but I think she was just happy that she was able to get a HUGE pumpkin! LOL!

I just like this lonely pumpkin! Sitting there all by itself.

Come back soon. I will have more. I think I took over 120 photos, so I will try to pick the best ones to share.
May our Lord bless you today!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time is going fast...

Yes, time is going by so fast. I know that it isn't really going any faster than usual, but I am feeling that way in my head. This week is about over and I feel like October has come and gone. I feel as if October never started. I am trying to enjoy every moment that life brings. To enjoy the beauty God has given us. It is worth pausing for and taking a deep breath to see it all.
Homeschooling makes it feel as though the days have been just passing by! We are doing a great job and I feel as if the girls are learning and having fun. Though I know we sometimes get in a pattern of just doing the work and forgetting to breath a little. We need to take a step back sometimes. Homeschooling has been a life changing journey and we are so happy with the decisions that we have made. I can't believe that we have almost finished two months so far!!!
Here are a few photos for the day! Hope you enjoy:
Our old ghosts the girls and I made a few years back!!!

Girls have been raking the leaves and hanging our ghosts!

(Check out the On Cloud Nine button at the bottom to see more photos on Pastor's Girl's Ponderings)

I took this picture last Monday of the sunrise at 7am. The mornings have been so gorgeous! I brought my camera with me and pulled off the side of the road for this one. I loved the fog rolling off the icy ground.

God Bless everyone and may He guide your path!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

This last week has been so beautiful. It has been cold, sunny and clear. Too bad that I have been sick since Tuesday with the flu. Yuck. I am doing better, but still wondering if it is all over.
Yesterday, I went out and got some fresh air and took a few photos of our Fall weather. I think this must be my favorite time of year. I love the feeling of crisp cold air. I love that I can bundle up and still go outside and enjoy the sun. The colors are beyond what words can describe. God has given us such beauty!!!
Here is the mailbox Jade and Melina worked on. He started from scratch, because our old posts were falling over from the years of heavy snow. So dad and Melina worked hard that rainy day to get it just right. I think they did an excellent job, don't you? I don't think anything will be able to push this mailbox over. I also think our mail lady is happy she doesn't have to reach so far.

Aspire Photo Challenge photo

I didn't realize that we had this bush on the side of our house. It just looked like a maple bush to me. However, it is producing small bright red berries. Now, I am not sure they are edible (probably not), but they make great photos! I even caught a fly on the leaf. The reds, yellows and green are so beautiful in the fall! This photo show them all!

Here is my silly cat, Kiwi. I caught her in a great big yawn. Found it fitting being that Halloween is coming soon. I just love my cat. She makes me smile!

I hope that your Sunday was blessed. May God guide you today, tomorrow and through out your life.

Aspire Photo Challenge

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On Cloud Nine

I wanted to share this photo of our trip to WA. These are those super cool metal horses up on the hill right off the highway. I hiked the girls up here when they were very small and I got great photos of them. Well, it has been years since, and we decided to hike back up that super slippery, rocky cliff side. It was so windy!
I want to enter this photo into Carlotta's Pastor's Girls's Ponderings "On Cloud Nine" photo contest and Hannah Nicoles "Lovely Photo Wednesday":

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

We love looking at these horses when traveling by them on the highway. The girls always ask, "have we passed them yet?" We look for them everytime we travel to WA.

Here is another look at the horses up close. They are huge and fun to look at. I think there are 15 of them (I could be wrong on that number). They make me happy and knowing that the girls and I hiked up on a dangerous trail to see them, makes me appreciate them even more!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

One of my favorite things are photos of my family!! Photos that tell the history of my family. Old photos that make me wish I could have been the fly on the wall to see what was happening! I wish I could travel back in time to meet my family history!
Here are just a few photos my mom has been scanning, so that these old photos can be preserved forever. They are special to me...thank you mom for taking the time to scan, fix and send them to me! I truly treasure them.
This is my Great Grandad. Check out his fish?
1939 Clyde David King

Here is my super cute Grandad!!! Don't you just love his trike?
January 31, 1927

I love this one of my Grandad in the buggy...can you see that cute cat in there with him??? LOVE IT!

I will post more another time. They are so great.

God Bless you all. Take care.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Things

I really do not have much to say today! Just thought I would show a few photos. Hope everyones day is filled with greatness!!!
Have you ever played the old 1960's game Barbie? It is so fun. It is my mothers and we got to play it together on our last visit! Great memories and I loved that we got to share it with my girls.

Here's Lucy, my moms cat! Gorgeous!

Here's another with Olline standing by all the horses on the hill!
God Bless you all!

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