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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photos to Share

I woke up two Fridays ago and felt the need to travel over to see my Grandparents! So, I called my parents who also live there and asked if I could come over. It is about a 7 hour drive and so I planned to leave here around 4pm. The girls had school, so we pounded out a days worth of lessons and ended up leaving here around 5pm! We got to WA at about 11:30pm! It was a great drive and we enjoyed every moment.
A few things I wanted to do while I was there were:
See my Grammy and Grandad...
Take the girls to the Space Needle, because they have never been...
Take the girls to the Troll under the Seattle bridge...
and see the new 3D Owl movie (I highly recommend this movie).
Of course I wanted to see my parents too! Hee
However, the Space Needle was bought out for the day, so no one was able to go up!!! So sad! Maybe next time.
However, we had a great time!!!
As most of you know, I just LOVE photos. I have been a little behind on my editing since my trip to Washington. Here are a few I want to share. I have more to come, so check back soon to see more. This first photo is a mystery...Do you know what it is?


9-25-10 Up close and personal with the Needle

9-25-10 Pretty Seattle Fountain

9-25-10 Papa and the girls eating out in Seattle

9-25-10 Here's that Troll...see the real VW Bug?

The Troll

9-25-10 Olline being taken by the Troll

9-25-10 Papa, Olline and Melina with the Seattle Troll

9-25-10 This is the Troll Bridge view. This is the view the Troll is seeing every day!

9-25-10 Meme, Olline and Melina with the scary Troll

9-25-10 Melina feeling comfortable with the Troll

9-23-10 I was woken up on this morning by my girls yelling at me..."mom, mom, mom, wake up, you HAVE to see this...hurry!"
I was so glad they yelled for me. It was a spectacular RAINBOW!

9-23-10 It was a FULL rainbow, and after editing this photo, I could see that it was a double rainbow. You couldn't see it with your naked eye. But if you look super close, above the main rainbow, you can see the double. See?
Thank you Lord for such beauty, and your everlasting promise!
God Bless!
More photos to come...just give me a few days!

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