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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunny Day and Photos to Share

I have been going through all my photos from our trip to Seattle. I thought that I would share a few more. I say few, because I took hundreds and I am only sharing such a little amount. It is so hard to pick the ones I want to share! So I am trying to pick the ones that make me Happy when I look at them. Hope you enjoy!

Mom and Dads Hydrangea!!!
These are the wind turbines off the highway! I have more great photos of these, but thought I would share this one for starters...
They have added hundreds of new ones right off the side of the Highway! Crazy!

This is Papa's winning roll! Yeah Papa!

This is the gorgeous music center in Seattle! We just couldn't stop taking pictures of this! So cool!

Here another view of the music center...you can see the reflection of the Space Needle in the pink building! Also the monorail track goes through it.

This is my attempt at taking an artsy type photo! Ha! I like it though. These are Melina's feet in Seattle!

We had lots of fun with this spider in Seattle! Scary!

Check out these cool Tomatoes!

The girls enjoyed a fun ride in Seattle!

Another Tomato View!
May the Lord bless you all. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I will have more coming from our Washington trip soon!
PS...we are doing all well. Schooling is going...great, hard, crazy, humbling, exciting, and furious!
Jade is back in the swing of things at work.
Fall is definitely here...I had frost on my truck this morning and we've had to use the heater in the mornings because the house cools down so much. Though, today it was almost 70 with sun shining everywhere! It was gorgeous.
Oh, also, I have been swimming again! Early in the mornings at 7:15. Love it.

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