God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sandpoint City Beach

7-17-09 Girls with their tubes!
7-17-09 Girls at City Beach
7-17-09 Panoramic View of the girls at City Beach

Yesterday we went to the city beach. We left early before it started to get crowded. It was already hot by the time we got there at 10:30am. It was so gorgeous and perfect. The girls hit the water right away. I laid it the sun till I got really hot and then jumped in. Or should I say slowly walked in. We had a blast, just the girls and I. It is good for us three to be alone and play together. We usually have friends and I just watch. But to be together and interact with my girls is the best blessing ever. They were super sweet and a JOY to be with! I am so thankful for them both!

We played and played, the beach got crowded and we ate ice cream. Then we play a little more and decided to pack up and head home. We rested at home, then when dad got home we ate dinner and hit the boat! We went to our "nooky nook" and swam again! It was perfect! The girls played so hard. They like to jump off the back of the boat over and over. I am so surprised what fish they have turned out to be!

Speaking of fish...Jade and I both caught a few big bass. It is so much fun. We played, swam, fished and the eagles were flying all over! The water temperature was a great 74 degrees! God spoils us toooo much! I just hope we always stay grateful for what we have.

So today Melina is already off at Amanda's house. I plan to get things organized today for Melina and Olline. Melina leaves for camp tomorrow and Olline leaves for Schweitzers day camp Monday! Melina needs to pack and get ready for her big week away from the family! To tell you the truth I am nervous and sad she is going. I will MISS her terribly!

Well, I pray you all will have a blessed day! Love you so much. God Bless.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today is a hot one

7-15-09 Can you see the eagle???

7-15-09 This is the place we like to anchor the boat and swim!

7-16-09 This was today with the girls jumping on the trampoline

Today the girls and I enjoyed time with friends. They have a trampoline and the girls would spray the sprinkler up underneath of them and jump. It was lots of fun for them.

My friend had her nieces there with her and one of them is the same age as our niece Mariah! She looked so much like Mariah! It was very cool. She is a beautiful girl and she and Melina hit it off!
We ended up at a little beach and played some more. Melina and this girl spent most of the time together. I just thought that was so neat!
We sure enjoy their company and hope to do it again.

It is a hot one. I believe about 90! We sure do enjoy the weather so we can spend time on the boat or at the beach. I think we are a little spoiled.
We hope our families are well. We keep you all in our daily prayers. Love you and God Bless.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Panoramic Photo

7-14-09 Here are the girls helping out their daddy reel in a fish!

7-14-09 We were on the boat at this time. I was able to take this photo in 5 shots and the camera will put them together! To the left is the City Beach! So fun! Can you see the tip of our boat on the bottom right?

7-14-09 Here we are out fishing in our "Nooky Nook" were we go to swim. The girls swam and Jade and I fished! Beautiful!

I wanted to share these beautiful panorama photos I took last night of our lake! I hope they come through! Love you all! God Bless.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

7-11-09 Sweet Luke was just hot and sleepy

7-11-09 Olline on the Pack River

7-7-09 Olline in her Braids

7-8-09 Melina finally lost a tooth

7-10-09 Kids at the church

6-8-09 Alien girls, Melina, Amanda, Olline off to bible school
7-4-09 Papa (dad) at Bottle Bay on his birthday

7-4-09 Meme (mom) and Olline at Bottle Bay

7-7-09 Olline's hand made Alien Shirt

7-7-09 Melina's Hand Made Alien Shirt

IT IS RAINING!!! PTL!!! I am so happy that the rain came. I do enjoy the sun, however, our grass was dieing and things are looking so dry so soon! Thank you Lord for sending us your rain! We had storms last night and so far today we are just getting nice cool rain!

We have been very busy. The week of July 6th-10th the girls attended Vacation Bible School. The theme was Space Camp and they had a blast!! They dressed up like aliens and I now have my photos downloaded so I can share them with you. They even painted their nails with glow in the dark nail polish.

This last Saturday, this girls and I went on the Pack River and floated on it. Our friends from church invited us and we used their tubes (thank you!) to float on. It was so hot and perfect to be on the water. I accidentally put a hole in the raft I was using and thankfully one of the oars we had had tape on it! We peeled off a piece and was able to repair the raft! I felt so bad!

The river was perfect. It was slow and you just float on it for a few hours. Our friends little son from China was so sleepy and unsure of things, he fell asleep on his daddy! It was so cute!

Jade was unable to come with us, so I hope next time we will get him out there! I would love to do it again!

This week is a nice relaxing week. It is nice because thing will pick up again on the 19th. Melina attends a Bible Camp that whole week. She will be able to stay the night that entire week! FIRST TIME! Then Olline will attend the Schweitzer Camp from 8am-4pm that whole week also! Crazy, our girls are growing up toooooo fast. They get to do all these things without their parents! (It's just not right:)
So I will try to get some photos up! Love you all. God bless!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July Madness

As some of you know my parents birthdays are celebrated with the whole country! They were born on July 4th! As I was growing up, I always thought that the 4th was just a BIG party for my parents! I didn't realize till later that it was the celebration of our USA and freedom. So this year we were blessed to have them both here. We had fantastic weather-very hot in the 90's! We got to spend great time with them and we also got to go out on the lake! It was so much fun...I love them so much. They are so special to us.
This week the girls have been attending VBS (vacation bible school) at church. The theme is Space Camp! Yesterday they got to dress up like aliens! Amanda spent the night on Tuesday and the girls decorated their own t-shirts! The curled their hair and had a great alien day! I think they are having a great time and I feel it is so special for them to be with other kids that celebrate our Lord.
The weather has been strange. So many dark clouds with the sun! It has become more muggy than we usually have. However, it has been a bit cooler from those 90 degree days.
Well I better get off this thing. I need to go pick up the girls from church at 11:30. Love you all and God Bless. (I will post a few more pictures later. I need to down size a few because they are too big)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Time

We have had the best last few days! Our dad and niece from Washington came over for a visit. It was so much fun. I hope that they had as much fun as we did! Have Jade's dad here is such a blessing. He is a wonderful man and we sure appreciate him!

Having Mariah here was amazing! She is an angel and we love her so much. She and Melina are tied at the hips and we are so thankful for their relationship. I think as the aunt, I have a blast seeing the three girls play and bond. We even dressed them up in matching clothes. I remember doing that same thing with my sister and cousins. It makes for great memories.

We got to go up to Schweitzer mountain and ride the lift to see the gorgeous views. Afterwards, the girls got to jump on Schweitzers bungee trampoline. It was Mariah's first time and it was also Olline's first time. I think they had a blast.
We even got to go out on the water a few times on the boat. The last night we took the girls on the tube! I think the girls also enjoyed that. Olline didn't go, but I am hoping that this summer she will be able to go on it. Even I got to go out on the knee board. It is my favorite thing to do. However, I am not paying for it with pains in my left shoulder and left knee!!!!! I am not a young chicken any longer.

So Melina was able to ride back to Washington with Boppa and Mariah! She just wanted to spend as much time with Mariah as possible. Then this morning my parents picked Melina up at Mariahs house and they are now on their way here! I can't wait to have them. It will be their birthdays on the 4th and I think it will be a great celebration!

It will be hot these next few days. I believe it is suppose to be about 90 degrees tomorrow! You can definitely feel it! I also keep hearing that thunder storms are coming in on the evening of the 4th! I pray that they will not coming to Sandpoint!

Well, I believe that is it in a nut shell. I will try to post a few pictures I took on my cell phone. I love you all! God Bless.
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