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Monday, July 13, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

7-11-09 Sweet Luke was just hot and sleepy

7-11-09 Olline on the Pack River

7-7-09 Olline in her Braids

7-8-09 Melina finally lost a tooth

7-10-09 Kids at the church

6-8-09 Alien girls, Melina, Amanda, Olline off to bible school
7-4-09 Papa (dad) at Bottle Bay on his birthday

7-4-09 Meme (mom) and Olline at Bottle Bay

7-7-09 Olline's hand made Alien Shirt

7-7-09 Melina's Hand Made Alien Shirt

IT IS RAINING!!! PTL!!! I am so happy that the rain came. I do enjoy the sun, however, our grass was dieing and things are looking so dry so soon! Thank you Lord for sending us your rain! We had storms last night and so far today we are just getting nice cool rain!

We have been very busy. The week of July 6th-10th the girls attended Vacation Bible School. The theme was Space Camp and they had a blast!! They dressed up like aliens and I now have my photos downloaded so I can share them with you. They even painted their nails with glow in the dark nail polish.

This last Saturday, this girls and I went on the Pack River and floated on it. Our friends from church invited us and we used their tubes (thank you!) to float on. It was so hot and perfect to be on the water. I accidentally put a hole in the raft I was using and thankfully one of the oars we had had tape on it! We peeled off a piece and was able to repair the raft! I felt so bad!

The river was perfect. It was slow and you just float on it for a few hours. Our friends little son from China was so sleepy and unsure of things, he fell asleep on his daddy! It was so cute!

Jade was unable to come with us, so I hope next time we will get him out there! I would love to do it again!

This week is a nice relaxing week. It is nice because thing will pick up again on the 19th. Melina attends a Bible Camp that whole week. She will be able to stay the night that entire week! FIRST TIME! Then Olline will attend the Schweitzer Camp from 8am-4pm that whole week also! Crazy, our girls are growing up toooooo fast. They get to do all these things without their parents! (It's just not right:)
So I will try to get some photos up! Love you all. God bless!

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