God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Always about the Chickens

It seems that lately we are only thinking about these chickens. We feed them, clean their box, hold them and the girls play with them. We watch them, laugh at them, and talk about them a lot. However, I don't want you to think that they are taking over our lives! It appears according to my last blogs we only talk about chickens...oh well...I will probably be talking about these funny birds for awhile. I will include a few other topics, but for now just hang on with our chicken life!

5-28-11 See, we do other things...like Olline here raking the grass piles. She worked really hard on these. Her dad said she raked A LOT! She is a blessing and love that she like to help.

5-28-11 Melina too...she doesn't spend her whole day with the chickens! She mowed the lawn! Give her a task and Melina gives 100%! Yeah!

5-28-11 Okay, here are the chickens. We moved them outside! FINALLY! PTL! Chickens do not belong cooped up in your house! They are so happy to be in their new little home! Here is Olline with Griffon.

5-27-11 LOL! I just wanted to show how big these girls are getting! I am not talking about my sweet human kids (though they are growing too). Look at these birds! They are 4 1/2 weeks here! Louise (left) and Craylola (right)! WOW!

See how fluffy their backsides are? They are super soft as well! Look at those legs!

God bless your day and may He guide you in all you do! Look to Him in all things!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chickens are GROWING!

Okay, our chickens are growing so fast! We just can't believe how big they are getting. They are only 4 1/2 weeks old! Our Buff Orpingtons (the puffy gold ones) are huge and plump and so kind! Yes, super sweet. The other wild four and crazy and funny! Thought I would post a few photos I just took, so you could see how big they are. If you scroll down the the May 14th post you can see how much they have grown.

Yes, they are still in my house and I may go crazy from it. I need to get them out. I am hoping that tonight we will be able to get a small outside coop for them to stay in until our big coop is finished. Need to get them out of here!!!

Here is Debra...she is staring at me! She is so funny and frisky.

Here is Louise (yes named after my middle name) and she is the most gentle, quiet and sweet bird. She is BIG!

Here are most of them. One is off to the right side hiding.

Griffon eating. Check out all her white feathers coming in.

Louise checking me out!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Circle Skirts


Here are the girls circle skirts that I made yesterday! Thanks to my friend Sarah, I was able to accomplish making these. She actually sewed most of Ollines for me.

The girls are having so much fun in them! They did great for our 1950's theme this weekend!

Lost in the 50's Parade

5-21-11 Yesterday evening we went to our annual Lost in the 50's Parade! Were all the Old and sometimes Crazy cars drive around a path through town! It is a big deal for our little town. It was our 26th Parade and we look forward to many more.

5-20-11 Olline is waiting for the cars to arrive!

5-20-11 Melina looking pretty. If you look closely, my friend Sarah helped me make two circle skirts for the girls today! I am very "brain backwards" when it comes to sewing and Sarah helped me A LOT! I believe the skirts turned out so wonderful and fit in to our 50's theme for the evening! I will take better photos of them today and post later.

5-20-11 Cutie girls

I will post a few cars later. I hope you are all having a great day! God Bless!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunsets and Eggs

5-19-11 Our evening sunset. I have seen better, but every time I see the clouds turn colors I get excited! Jade was actually working on the yard and called me to tell me about our skies!
5-19-11 Just another shot. Very nice and beautiful evening. It was just a very gorgeous day! Love it!

5-19-11 Here are my fresh eggs from our friends Sarah and Michael! Yummy! I just boiled them to make egg salad. Can't wait!

5-13-11 Olline showing Jade's new handle on the shed! A "shed" handle...hee. You know, when a deer "sheds" his antlers and then when you hike in the woods you find them? Anyway, here it is! Isn't Olline a cutie?

So, we are all doing well. Chickens are getting super big! Can't wait to get them out of my house!!!! Trying to keep my back room from turning into a chicken barn. So far so good, but they are growing fast! Need to get them out quick!!!

So, Lost in the 50's weekend starts tomorrow! Where all the old cars come rolling in to show off for the whole town. Hope to get some good photos of that. We'll see. Also going to my friend Sarah's house to try and make two poodle skirts for the girls! Not sure if I can do it , but hopefully we can figure it out.

Have a great evening and God Bless!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chickens are Taking Over

Well here it is...the coop so far! Can you tell how it will go? We framed the front for the door and window last night. We found a cheap window at a ReStore place and then I think we will build our own door. The left side will be protected with netting so that the chickens can be outside and not get eaten! We will probably have to add an extention to the outside area for the chickens to roam around even more. It is a work in progress!!! Hope you enjoy the photos!

5-13-11 Last nights progress.

5-13-11 Can you see the coop way in the back. Olline is helping her dad put the tools away.

5-13-11 Can you see our wild cat Cortez?

5-11-11 Here are the chicks enjoying their first day out!

5-11-11 Olline and chick Louise

5-11-11 Melina and her chick Craylola

5-11-11 Girls just enjoying the chickens

I believe this is Debra, Duck, Hermione, Craylola, and then Griffen to the right.

5-11-11 The Chicken Eye!

So, we will be working on the coop again today! The weather is extremely windy, but so far the sun is staying out. The news keeps warning us of thunderstorms, so we will see what happens. I can see and hear the wind hit the windows so hard they shake!!!??? What does that mean.

God bless you all! Until next time...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

I was trying to post a few photos and it would only let me post these two for now. So I will have to try later for more photos!

Hope your day is filled with Gods Glory!

5-11-11 Girls enjoying the sunshine!

5-11-11 The chicks first day outside!

Also, our chicken coop is coming along GREAT! We need to get a window and start framing the walls. We have been trying our hardest to find used materials to keep the cost low. So far so good! We even found a place that has used (nice) windows. Can't wait to continue on building it!

Our weather today is very windy, though the sun is shining here and there. Rain is coming and maybe even extreme thunders!

God Bless you all!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Update on our Lives

(sorry if the layout on this blog is all weird. The spacing between my text and photos went crazy on me.) Just an update...we are doing well. Enjoying our long lighter days. Though wishing that the sun would stay for a bit longer then it has. The rains have been just non stop. Though, the Lord blesses us and lets us know who is in control. He is our weather man!

Today we had great sunny skies and it was so much warmer. It felt great!
Oh, we also had a great Mother's Day. My family was so good to me. Melina made me coupons, like "wash car"..."clean dishes"..."do laundry"...so I look forward to using them!! Olline made a beautiful card (with help from her sis) and it did bring me tears! My girls are so good to me. I am blessed. We were wishing so much that we were over in WA to spend time with our mothers! Missing them so much. We hope that they had a great day and that they know we love them with all our hearts!

5-9-11 I took some super cute photos of Olline today! I have been taking a photography class and my assignment was to take photos of things I like. I think I really like this sweety! Melina was showering at the time, so I am hoping to get some of her tomorrow.

5-7-11 Sweet Chicks growing up! Here they are all sleeping on Melina's arm!!! All six of them!

5-7-11 Because Cortez is such a lion, he makes great photos!

5-7-11 Here we are building the chicken coop! It is coming along great. Yesterday we put the roofing on, so I will try to post of that really soon! It has changed a bit from this photo.

5-6-11 Call me crazy, but these next two photos are of when I drove down to the Long Bridge for the SUNRISE! I woke up at 4:30am and drove by myself to the bridge. I am NUTS! It wasn't even a spectacular sunrise. I walked to whole bridge, down and back! Remember it is almost a 2 mile bridge one way!!! So I climbed my way under the bridge and took a few pictures. This is one of them. I was a little scared that there would be creepy bums under it (there wasn't).

5-6-11 Here is my sunrise photo. It was hard to get a good one. The sun was so filtered from the clouds, it just wouldn't come out and give me something great! However, I still feel from this picture that God's beauty is so spectacular!

I will be back to post more...Stay Tuned!


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