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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunsets and Eggs

5-19-11 Our evening sunset. I have seen better, but every time I see the clouds turn colors I get excited! Jade was actually working on the yard and called me to tell me about our skies!
5-19-11 Just another shot. Very nice and beautiful evening. It was just a very gorgeous day! Love it!

5-19-11 Here are my fresh eggs from our friends Sarah and Michael! Yummy! I just boiled them to make egg salad. Can't wait!

5-13-11 Olline showing Jade's new handle on the shed! A "shed" handle...hee. You know, when a deer "sheds" his antlers and then when you hike in the woods you find them? Anyway, here it is! Isn't Olline a cutie?

So, we are all doing well. Chickens are getting super big! Can't wait to get them out of my house!!!! Trying to keep my back room from turning into a chicken barn. So far so good, but they are growing fast! Need to get them out quick!!!

So, Lost in the 50's weekend starts tomorrow! Where all the old cars come rolling in to show off for the whole town. Hope to get some good photos of that. We'll see. Also going to my friend Sarah's house to try and make two poodle skirts for the girls! Not sure if I can do it , but hopefully we can figure it out.

Have a great evening and God Bless!

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