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Friday, May 27, 2011

Chickens are GROWING!

Okay, our chickens are growing so fast! We just can't believe how big they are getting. They are only 4 1/2 weeks old! Our Buff Orpingtons (the puffy gold ones) are huge and plump and so kind! Yes, super sweet. The other wild four and crazy and funny! Thought I would post a few photos I just took, so you could see how big they are. If you scroll down the the May 14th post you can see how much they have grown.

Yes, they are still in my house and I may go crazy from it. I need to get them out. I am hoping that tonight we will be able to get a small outside coop for them to stay in until our big coop is finished. Need to get them out of here!!!

Here is Debra...she is staring at me! She is so funny and frisky.

Here is Louise (yes named after my middle name) and she is the most gentle, quiet and sweet bird. She is BIG!

Here are most of them. One is off to the right side hiding.

Griffon eating. Check out all her white feathers coming in.

Louise checking me out!

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