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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chickens are Taking Over

Well here it is...the coop so far! Can you tell how it will go? We framed the front for the door and window last night. We found a cheap window at a ReStore place and then I think we will build our own door. The left side will be protected with netting so that the chickens can be outside and not get eaten! We will probably have to add an extention to the outside area for the chickens to roam around even more. It is a work in progress!!! Hope you enjoy the photos!

5-13-11 Last nights progress.

5-13-11 Can you see the coop way in the back. Olline is helping her dad put the tools away.

5-13-11 Can you see our wild cat Cortez?

5-11-11 Here are the chicks enjoying their first day out!

5-11-11 Olline and chick Louise

5-11-11 Melina and her chick Craylola

5-11-11 Girls just enjoying the chickens

I believe this is Debra, Duck, Hermione, Craylola, and then Griffen to the right.

5-11-11 The Chicken Eye!

So, we will be working on the coop again today! The weather is extremely windy, but so far the sun is staying out. The news keeps warning us of thunderstorms, so we will see what happens. I can see and hear the wind hit the windows so hard they shake!!!??? What does that mean.

God bless you all! Until next time...

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  1. The chicks are soooo cute!! And I love the chicken coop! Looks almost like a barn! Spectacular!!! :)


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