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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Pickers

Yesterday we were able to take a field trip day to the pumpkin farm in the Spokane area. I believe we have been going to this pumpkin farm for 5 years now! I will have to check my photo books to make sure, but I know it has been every year for a while now.
We have a great time and we love to pick our own pumpkin on these fields.
The weather was perfect...not to cold, just right. We knew it would rain on the weekend so dad took off Friday so we could go there.
They have a great big castle in the middle of the corn maze, which we love going threw and having the girls try to figure out the way. (I will have more castle and maze pictures coming soon!)

So here is the start of our pumpkin day...

Melina wheeled her sister out into the fields!

It was a fantastic day to pick a pumpkin.

Fall is the best time of year...I think so anyway.

We found our pumpkins. Dad picked out a 51 pounder, Melina's was a bit under that, Olline's was the smallest and mine was a good old medium size. I think Melina and her dad were in a bit of competition on the size of their pumpkins!!! They are huge. I will have to take separate photos of their pumpkins so you can see the size comparison! Crazy!

Olline is a happy girl. Happy to go on a field trip. Happy to be with her family. Happy to pick her own pumpkin. Happy to have her photo taken! She is just happy!

Melina is a happy girl too, but I think she was just happy that she was able to get a HUGE pumpkin! LOL!

I just like this lonely pumpkin! Sitting there all by itself.

Come back soon. I will have more. I think I took over 120 photos, so I will try to pick the best ones to share.
May our Lord bless you today!

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  1. I have been there! I loved it. I think was like 10! so it was 7 or so years ago.



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