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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pictures and Good Times!

8-25-10 I just keep thinking of other pictures to share! I loved this one of Jade on the kneeboard. I loved that there was a reflection of him in the water. So cool!

8-25-10 Here are all girls up on the tube. Melina and Mariah spent most of the time on it. They were whipped and pulled and dumped off of that tube all day long. I'm surprised they were alive at the end! I thought their arms would have been super sore!!! Olline didn't like to go as fast, so she would take turns. SUPER CUTE. Especially with Olline's goggles on. See Schweitzer Mt. to the left?

8-24-10 Here our lovely Statue of Liberty shot! Beautiful day!

8-25-10 Father and Son at the Bonner County fair! They finally sat down together and I was able to get a good shot. I think they both had a wonderful time! I could see their eyes twinkle being with each other. These are precious times and we are so thankful we get to enjoy them!

Thank you dad (Jerry) for the great man that you are! You mean so much to us and we appreciate you coming. Meme Sugar, thank you for letting dad come. We sure wish that you could have been here, but know that you were here in our hearts and we appreciate you and all you do for the whole family! You both are such blessings to us!

8-25-10 Here is Olline feeding our favorite goats! What fun the fair can be...just the simple things make us happy. If we had land, I think we would have goats!

8-25-10 We thought that this guy was so unique. We love his spots!!! He was very sweet too!

8-25-10 They just look at you so sweetly. I loved the goats. There were so many. Plus, they didn't smell so bad like the piggy's! lol!

8-25-10 Mariah did it!!!! After Melina and I gave it a try, Mariah did. She wasn't sure if she would get up this year, but she DID! I hope she enjoyed it. Girls said it hurt their backs...huh? It is my favorite thing to do! Isn't Mariah beautiful here?

8-25-10 I loved this shot of Mariah watching Melina on the kneeboard. They are special cousins and they both love deep. God is great!

8-25-10 Here is beautiful Mariah. There were so many times that I wanted to kidnap her. I know her family would not appreciate that. But it is so tempting!!! I just love her so much.

8-24-10 I took all the girls to the city beach on Tuesday. The girls made a sand couch and I had them sit in it so I could take their photo. I think this is so beautiful. They are such great girls.

8-25-10 Here is the Boppa and Olline. Getting ready for a big day on the boat. Here we just started our day on the lake! Hey dad...we love your goatee!!!!

8-24-10 Olline playing in the sand. She is so cute. She is so content and patient. I know she would have loved to play with her big cousin and sister, but she knows to give them time alone. She is a sweet soul! So proud of her.

8-24-10 I just love this picture.

8-24-10 Mariah and Melina having girl time! CUTE!

8-24-10 Looks like Olline is getting ready for the big swim. She is so focused. She was just getting ready to splash in the lake. Pretty colors in this one. Oh, look carefully, Mariah and Melina are on the log way behind Olline. See?

8-24-10 STOP GROWING UP PLEASE!!!!! That is all I have to say! PLEASE??

8-24-10 Jade at the county fair in the cow area. I love him with the green trees. I love this man. He is my favorite. He makes me so happy. I am so thankful he is in my life!!!!!! He still makes my heart pitter patter!

8-24-10 I like to take this photo every year at the fair. Jade is always thinking of his hunting season starting next month. So this elk...is on his mind! I am praying that he and his hunting partner will get their elk this year! Pray with me...need the meat.

8-24-10 I have a ton of these cool photos. I thought I would share this one again. I also have it on my facebook account. I love doing these action shots. Olline would do it all by herself. Mariah and Melina would do it together. Then they would all jump! So cool with the statue right there. So much fun. I am impressed with Olline, it usually takes her longer to be the dare devil!

8-23-10 Ok, here we are on our 13th anniversary! Aren't we cute? I just love this photo. The waitress took it. We had dinner at 41 South. A nice restaurant across the long bridge. We had the best view. Well, it's hard not to get a good view from this place. All you see is this fantastic Pend Oreille Lake! I love where we live. It is so beautiful! I also love this man! He is so good to his family and to me! I pray that we will be blessed for MANY MORE years. I can't imagine my life without him. Thank you Lord for this wonderful man!

Ok...I think that is it. I believe I took over 400 or so photos while we had our company. So I tried to choose some good ones to share.

God Bless!


  1. Sounds like you feel the same about your man as I do about mine. Isn't it hard to put into words how unbelievable it is to be with the right man, and to know how blessed we are to have found our soulmate?
    Window On The Prairie

  2. I love your photos! So cute of all the girls and just love the one of you & Jade on your Anniversary. Lots of love to you!


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