God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Thursday, August 19, 2010

8-16-10 Olline on a huckleberry pickin' day!
8-16-10 Melina also picking the huckleberries! We had a great day. It was hot and the girls did get a little grumpy! However it ended great and we got a lot of berries!!!! Jade is the pickin' king!

8-16-10 After we picked the berries, we stopped a spot for pictures! Beautiful!

8-16-10 We then went out on the lake and dad was ready to dive in! Yeah!
8-16-10 Dad was showing the girls that he could touch the bottom!!

8-16-10 There goes Melina!

8-16-10 Both girls jumping in!

8-16-10 Here's Olline! Go baby Go!

8-17-10 We are getting ready to go to Silverwood!

8-18-10 We live here! Can you believe it? It is so beautiful. Thank you Lord!

8-18-10 One sad thing is...when we got back last night we saw that a nice rope was out hooked on the rocks across from our dock. Well, dad asked Melina to go get it. So she crossed over and got a bit wet. When she went to pick it up she realized that it was an anchor! Guess what? It was our anchor! Jade knew right away when she said it was an anchor, that it was our anchor! Someone, took it out of our boat and threw it over there! Who was touching our boat? What a mean thing to do. Jade was so upset. With Melinas help, we got it back. I just hope no one else touches our boat! Creepy!
I have so many photos I wish I could post. It just takes so long. I am enjoying my new camera. I still have lots to learn. I notice some of my focusing skills need to be worked on. Going to the beach now to meet a friend. There is a nice breeze out there so it should be nice. God Bless you all!
ps...I forgot to show you our Sandpoint music festival pictures. I will have to do that another time! Maybe tonight.

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