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Monday, August 2, 2010

Garage Sale???

This is how my day started yesterday! Yummy farm fresh eggs! Egg salad sandwich with a piece of Havarti cheese on homemade bread! I really thought I would be happy for the rest of my life...

Really??? A garage sale??? I thought I would be excited...but when I started cleaning out my oldest daughter's room I felt my frustrations come out! I knew it was going to be a lot of work...I knew that her closet was packed full, with her clothes rod broken and her clothes everywhere behind that door! I just didn't realize how LONG it would take me. I was thinking I would pull out a few things, organize a little, and have my husband fix her clothes rod. Then End......But no, that is not how it happened. I was in that room all day long and we are still not all the way finished. My daughter needs to finish up with the left overs!

Today, I thought I would show you a little bit of the mess I was in! Today, I will be hitting my youngest daughters room! Please pray for me, for her room hasn't been cleaned out for a very long time! It is amazing how much stuff we store! And what for??? I have no idea!
I think tomorrow it will be my room and bathrooms! Then the kitchen...and so on! The last time we had a garage sale was about 5 years ago when Olline got sick and we ended up in the hosptial! I was going back and forth from the garage to her on the couch! One moment and I saw that she wasn't breathing!!!! Soooo very scary! Spent the next months in the hospital thanking the Lord that she is alive and well.
So this sale will be better and I am hoping we will get rid of a lot of stuff!!!!!
8-1-10 This is room #2 that I will finish today! I am so embarrassed! So sorry you have to see this. Maybe I shouldn't be posting these!
8-1-10 All Melina's clothes that fell on the floor in her closet! Eeewww!
8-1-10 Well, everything is out of the closet!

8-1-10 Believe it or not, this was worse that what you see here! There was no carpet to see at one point! Help!!!!

So, I will post later in the week "clean rooms"! New rooms that have carpet showing! At least my house is staying cool. The weather hasn't been too hot these last days. Oh, boy...here I go...room #2.....

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