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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Can't Believe It

8-13-10 This was taking inside at night. Praticing with manual mode indoors. It's pretty good! Still learning.

8-14-10 I added a subtle layer to this photo in Photoshop. That's all.

8-14-10 Pretty flowers taken with new camera

8-14-10 This is sweet Olline. She woke up super early so she could go with dad to Walmart and pick out her new Nintendo DS game. She paid with her own earned money!!! This is a morning pic shot with my new T2i!

8-14-10 Kiwi looking so cute. Taken with my new T2i

8-10-10 Sunset! (old camera)

8-10-10 Olline holding her toy doggie! (old camera)

8-10-10 Melina and her happy boat face!!!! (old camera)

Well, I just can't believe it. I get to play with my new, and first, Canon Rebel EOS T2i!!!!! I have never owned a DSLR!!!! I am so happy and excited I cannot contain myself! Weeeeee! I feel like I am 12 years old and got a new bike! Awesome. I posted a few pictures I took last night and this morning. I think the quality is wonderful. I am so NOT a professional, but compared to what I was shooting with, this Camera IS AWESOME! I am trying to learn to shoot in manual and I am "sort" of getting it. I have been reading and learning and now I just have to apply it to my new camera! I hope by next year I will feel like I am getting to a new level of photography! I am so thrilled! I owe all of this to my bestest husband in the world. Without him I would NOT have this camera. He is the greatest man ever. (I do feel the same about him even if I didn't get the camera, just so you all know) However, he has made this possible and He our Lord above has made it ALL possible! PTL! I am grateful and so appreciate my family for supporting me on my photography venture.

It's a beautiful day!

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