God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sister Love

8-20-10 Sweet kisses

8-20-10 Olline giving kisses to her sis

8-19-10 Melina on the beach!

8-19-10 Little Oscar playing in the sand and Olline is playing behind him! So cute!!!!

8-19-10 Melina at the beach-what is she thinking?

8-19-10 Oscar, Briar, Olline and Melina having a play date at the beach while the moms are hot and sweaty.

8-19-10 Pretty Briar at the beach.

8-19-10 Melina built a sand moat! Cute!

We had a great afternoon at the beach. It was nice to visit with my friend Sarah and her kids. I always enjoy my time with them. It was hot at the beach and I probably should have gone in, but I decided to sweat like an idiot! I think I burnt my back just a little. Girls had a great time!

God Bless.

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