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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mining and School

Okay...first off...I am having uploading issues. I had a few other photos here and "poof" they disappeared. So it is late and maybe tomorrow I can try for more photos.
8-31-10 We went on a field trip to Kellogg and Wallace Idaho! We took the girls to the Gold Mine in Kellogg and then to Wallace to see a little bit of history. I have way too many photos to share, but here are just a few I thought you might enjoy. It was a great day and one that we will never forget.
8-31-10 Again, all my photos are not in order...sorry. Here is Olline's geode! Pretty treasures!

8-31-10 These pictures are backwards in following our day...but this was after are big day. We bought a few geodes and the girls got to hammer them open to find the treasure inside. Eventually, dad had to help because they were super hard to open!

8-31-10 Finding the GOLD!

8-31-10 The owners put trout in the huge water hole! This one was about 30' deep and really wide. There was another one that was 60' deep. The blue arrows show the fish! Strange and they were super huge!

8-31-10 Here is a huge piece of petrified wood beam that they had to cut so tourist could walk through. It was attatched to the other side of the tunnel.

8-31-10 Olline inside of the mine. It was a nice 48 or so degrees. You can see the old track marks back in this photo. They put cement down so tourists could walk it. Really cool.

8-31-10 Girls at the Kellogg, Idaho Gold Mine entry! In 1881 they were digging in here for GOLD! Yes, there is still gold in dem hills! So fun and the girls truly enjoyed it.

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