God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strawberries and Chickens

Today is a cloudy, cool, rainy day! I am loving it. It was so hot yesterday and even through the night the house was warm. Last night the rains came and you could smell the warm ground coming in through the windows.

Even our chickens were hot while they were trying to roost for the night. They stand like vultures with there wings puffed out and there beaks panting for cool air. If you blow on them, it seemed to calm them down. Silly chickens. Or maybe...silly me.

Here are our very own strawberries! We have lived in this house for 8 years and this is the year we are finally getting strawberries! There are two different types here (not sure what kind) and some of them are getting huge and so delicious.

Here is a funny picture of Gryffon (yes he is a rooster...heard him make his tuba noise again this morning)...he loved Melina holding him like this. Must feel good to have his legs stretched back! He laid there like a baby.

Here is little Miss Olline trying to catch a chicken. She loves them and plays with them all the time. Even in her fancy dress!

Hope you are enjoying your day. We are so thankful for this cooler day and will be enjoying it to the fullest.

Jesus Loves You!


  1. Your own strawberries and chickens, how great! Our neighbors have chickens, right here in the city! I'm kind of tempted to try it.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my simple pleasures post.

  2. Thanks you Elizabeth! Our chickens have been great. It has been the most fun project for our whole family! Lots of work at first with the coop building. I am so excited to get eggs and the chickens are so entertaining!


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