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Friday, July 15, 2011

Life of the Chicken

Chickens are just funny creatures. They truly have a pecking order and they don't like it to be disturbed. Yesterday, we decided to trade in our roosters. Who knew we would get attached to our boys, but we did. We drove them out to our friends house where they raise over 30 chickens and 3 pigs! They were so generous to trade our two boys for two of their girls. They got there pullets at the same time we did, so it seemed to be a great match to mix them into our pullets. Our good ol' roosters were a bit confused at their new home and of course they were pecked at. Sad, but that is the life of the chicken.

We then drove our new chickens out to meet our other four. I think they were a bit freaked out and our Buff Orpington Craylola decided to peck the Barred Rock "Chicken Nugget"! It is a learning process for us and we don't like to see them pecking at each other.

Again, this is the life of the chicken.

Today, we have had to keep them separate until they get used to their new home. All the girls are confused and they are trying to figure out the new pecking order. I am missing my roosters, just because they were the men and all the ladies follow them. It was peaceful and we all knew our rolls.
Strange...the life of the chicken!

Today - Olline here is holding Louise I think. Hard to tell...

Meet the new kids on the block...First a Wyandotte named Queen Elizabeth (after Melina's middle name) and behind her is a Barred Rock named Chicken Nugget!!!!! Can you see Olline's hand coming out from behind the tree?

Here are the lonely girls. They have been staying away from our other four. I really don't blame them! Run girls Run!

Olline here is holding her Chicken Nugget. I love this breed. She is super sweet, so we are watching her hard. She is the one being pecked on by Craylola (the Buff Orpington).

So, we will wait and see what happens to all these girls. It is nice not having to worry about the roosters starting to crow. They were awesome roosters though. I just am so thankful to my friends for allowing us to take two of their girls! We will take good care of them at our little Smith Farm!

God Bless you all!

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  1. I just love the photo w/ Olline's hand coming out from behind the tree! Such a good photo. Also love your stick family on the top, right of your blog!
    We tried to integrate younger chicken's w/ our group awhile back too..but it didn't work. Went to our barn & one was, well...gone. Sad. Pretty interesting the dynamics of chickens though. I can see why they call it a pecking order. Hope you have better luck! A big welcome to the new hens!! Can't wait to meet them in person! :)


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