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Friday, July 8, 2011

Rooster Dilemma

Yes, I have a dilemma! While my parents were here for the 4th of July, my mom and I went out to see the chickens. We then heard a funny noise...not once...but about three times. It was our chicken Gryffon! It wasn't a full on rooster crow, but it was a loud weird squawk or something like that. We have also noticed that the two blackish chickens have been growing very large and their shanks (legs) are so much bigger than the other chickens. They are growing big comes (red thing on their heads) and waddles on their necks. They are just bigger birds and now I am stuck with deciding how to get rid of them. We could butcher them ourselves, but being that we've become a bit attached to them I am not sure that is the way to go. I have a friend that will butcher them and we can then forget about the nasty part of killing them ourselves. Wishing in a perfect scenario, we could find a big farm that would take them and keep them for their hens. Yet, since I have not really heard the chickens do a "rooster call" I am confused if they are truly roosters. "Debra" the full black one has me a bit confused because she/he has never really crowed or showed us any signs that she/he is a rooster. Though "Debra" and "Gryffon" do stand off to each other once in a while - this may be a sign...that I am ignoring.

Here are two pictures taken with my "toy like" Diana lens to show you the two I am talking about. I am going to take a few better photos today so I can show you all their size and wild faces! I would love to hear your opinions of my two black "rooster"! What do I do?

This is Debra - though now we are calling him Delbert! Deb for short.

Here is our wild eyed Gryffon! He is gorgeous! The feathers on him are incredible! Plus, both the "roosters" are nice. They are the most played with family chickens ever!

This is my chicken dilemma!!!

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  1. Oh no. I am so sorry to hear you have to get rid of two of your roosters. Wish we were closer and could take them. We have our own dilemma. Woke at 6:00 and saw 2 coyotes carrying off another one of our chickens. Ohh..the life of us farm girls! ;) Love you! Miss you...lots!!!


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