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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Catching Up

I am finally on the computer to update my blog. It has been a while and I wanted to get my Halloween photos up before Christmas arrived!!!
I will post pictures of Halloween for a few days. Hopefully you will not get too sick of them, for I am certainly glad Halloween is over.
We struggled this year as to what the girls were going to be. For instance, Olline wanted to be a vampire, then a bean plant, then a Venus Fly Trap plant, then to a bird lady, and finally a fairy!!! Melina wasn't sure as well and even on Halloween day she just didn't know what to call herself (I will post the girls costume photos tomorrow!).
So here is the first set of photos to take you through our Halloween adventure.

10-27-10 This is the final product of our pumpkin carvings!!!
(from left to right...Olline's, Melina's, Mom's and then Dad's)

I think the girls had a great evening carving our pumpkins. It is always so scary to have your kids try to take that knife and try to carve!!!

Olline and her pumpkin before carving.

Melina and her super big pumpkin! I think it weighed about 35 pounds!

Me and my pumpkin...nice and small.

Then you have Dad and his 51 pound giant! HUGE! Look how it compares to my 6'2" husband!

10-25-10 Just a cute photo of Kiwi and Melina

10-25-10 Thought I would show you Olline's science project! She has been learning about habitats and this one is about the Forest. She made this Forest Habitat and I think it turned out great!
So stay tuned...I will post more tomorrow!

God Bless!

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