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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week of Sickness

It has finally started. Our first snow fall (at our home that is) happened the night before last and we woke up to this (pictured below)! It is just a dusting, but it is there. It was beautiful and exciting as our kids can't wait to ski. The snow melted and we are now back to all green, but the clouds have been trying to spit out some snow today as well. Schweitzer Mt. is getting prepared. They say it will be a good year for snow at the mountain. We will see, for I know that God is in control of that.
We have been dealing with sickness at our home. Both the girls came down with a horrible cold and cough last Tuesday! It was downhill from there. We tried and tried to do school, but it was no use. The girls just couldn't focus and I do not blame them. In my mind I was freaking out about getting behind school, but I understand that life just doesn't go smooth sometimes. Olline's cold ended up in her eyes and we had to take her in the doctor for eye drops for her pink eye!!! Yuck. Not good. We have kept the girls in a bubble and yesterday was Melina's first day back to swim. Olline will start back up swimming next week. We are trying to catch up in school, it is hard after having so many days off. I am just so thankful to our Lord for healing the girls. Yeah!
So here are just a few pictures. I haven't taken very many. I have only been taking care of the girls.

First snow fall!!!

Snow, snow, snow. Wonder how much we will get this year!

Last weekend I gave the Kiwi a bath! She was very upset during it, but in this photo she was happy and content. I think she likes being clean!

Kiwi is tempted to grab the string....heeee!

God bless you all. Hope your days are filled with His love!

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  1. Brrr, this made me cold! :) I'm sure we'll be getting snow soon, too.


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