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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daylight Savings

Did everyone set their clocks back? We would have forgotten, however, our cell phones automatically do it...so our alarms went off at the right time. Though, as I was sound asleep, I was awoken by music playing in the bathroom. I slowly woke up and looked at my cell phone and it said 5:30am!!! I thought, "who is in the bathroom?" and I realized Melina woke up. In her mind it was 6:30am and she wanted to shower early so her mom and dad could as well before church. I felt so bad, because we forgot to set her clock back. She could have used that extra hour of sleep. So she showered and the rest of us had an extra hour of rest. Bless her heart.
Thankfully, we all made it to church. This was our second time going to Cedar Hills Church and we are liking it very much. Melina attended her age group class for the first time and seems to really like it. Olline said that she really enjoyed her group as well. So with Gods guidance we will keep trusting in Him to go to this church.
It is a rainy day. Yucky looking. However, we are now in our comfy clothes relaxing and spending time together. Jade has been reading NOVELS! I typed that in bold because I have never seen him read a novel. I believe he is on his fifth or sixth novel! I am so proud of him. I can't believe it and I know he is proud of himself.
I have been reading Emma by Jane Austen. I highly recommend it. It is very hard to read, only for the fact that it is very "English". It is written well, but I have to read it slow so I can understand the way the author wrote it.
Olline is reading all the Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park. She loves them and has finished about five books already.
Melina has been reading the Harry Potter books. She is finishing book five. She loves all things Harry Potter and is looking forward to the new movie coming out.
Both girls have also been reading all the Garfield comic books. They get them at the library and read and read and read, until they can't read anymore. So much fun.
Well, here are my next group of photos. Hope you enjoy them...

Here are Melina, Olline and Briar. This was their first house of Trick or Treats. I think they were excited to get things moving.

Here are the girls before the Halloween evening. Pretty sisters.

Well, whatever Melina was...an Arabian princess, a dark fairy, a mystical nymph, it really doesn't matter...I just thought she was very beautiful and enjoyed that she was happy with whatever!

Here is our Pink Fairy Olline. She didn't wear her wings because she said they were "irritating". So her imagination was all she needed!

Here is the gang. Briar, Oscar, Olline and Melina! I love them all! Briar was a rainbow unicorn and I thought her mom did a fantastic job!!! Little Oscar was a gorilla and was so cute! We had a great time Trick and Treating with the Williams family! (Thank you Sarah and family for coming with us! We enjoyed every moment)

My beautiful Melina!

Thought you might like this one. You know that saying "who let the cat out of the bag?", well, I like "who let the cat in the bag?"! LOL!

Just wanted to show you another shot of Jades big pumpkin! He worked hard on that 51 pounder and it deserves extra pictures! Remember, on the other side was a scary face. Did I show you that side? I will have to look for a photo of it if I didn't.

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