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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sick Kids

I am so sad today. Yesterday, my little Olline kept telling me that her throat was dry. She said it didn't hurt, it was just dry. She would drink water and go off and play. We even had our sweet friends over, Briar and Oscar to play with us. As the day went on, Olline was complaining more and more. She said she wanted to swim and so we packed up and went to the pool. She barely made it through the swim lesson, but she never really said she felt horribly bad. After both girls swam, we headed home and by the time we got there Olline's eyes were watery and she just didn't look good. Melina was then saying her throat was hurting!!!

So, we ate dinner and Olline was getting worse. We got them both to bed and Olline's fever spiked to 102! It was so sad. She was up most of the night and this morning she is looking a little better. Her fever is down to 99.8 and I am still a little worried. Melina is sick but has no fever. Olline seems to always get the fevers with any type of cold. It's just how her body works.

So, today is a no school day. Which I was so hoping to get some done. I think I will let their bodies rest and hope we can do school tomorrow. I am also praying we didn't get our little friends, Briar and Oscar sick! It was my first time babysitting them and I really enjoyed it. It would be horrible if they got ill from us!

Here are just a few other Halloween photos...enjoy...

Olline and Briar enjoying the Halloween evening. After I took this photo, Briar said to her younger brother Oscar "Look Oscar there's that Lightning"...I may have not remembered her exact words, but I thought it was funny because she was referring to my bright flash on my camera!

Do you think that Olline is happy? I love this picture. Makes me so happy!
(Here is my On Cloud Nine photo! Go to the link at the bottom to visit more On Cloud Nine Photos!!!)

Olline is almost done Trick or Treating!

Here is the other side of Jade's pumpkin. The scary side! Moooaaahhhhhhh!

Hope your day is Blessed with God's love!!!!


  1. Very sweet shots,love that pumpkin!

  2. Looks like y'all had a blast! Adorable photos.

  3. Well I hope everyone feels better soon. Love the pictures and thanks for stopping by.

  4. She looks really cute in her costume!(:

  5. lol - that's so funny about the lightning!! :)


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