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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thoughts for Today

Just some thoughts for the day. I really have nothing exciting to write about. School is going well. Seems like we never stopped. Melina is with her daddy hunting for elk! It is her first time getting to be with her dad out in the woods! I am so happy for them both and can't wait to hear their stories.
Olline and I have been doing school, riding our bikes, shopping and just enjoying each other. We have been watching the Homestead Blessings by the West ladies, videos for canning, soap making, bread making, gardening, herbs, sewing, quilting and cooking! They are such cute & fun videos to watch and I just love the family that puts them together. Check them out on http://www.franklinsprings.com/ or http://www.homesteadblessings.com/ or check your local library to see if they carry them. That is what I did.

8-30-11 Here is the "Chicken Nugget"!

8-30-11 The ladies grazing...still no eggs! Soon I hope.

8-26-11 We love our little County Fair. I am regretting it now, because I usually take so many photos of all the animals. This year I decided not to bring my camera. We went to our fair four times and I only brought my camera once. I also only took a few pictures of the cows. I wish I had taken photos of the goats because they are my absolute favorite!!! Someday I want a few goats.

8-26-11 Jade as Dr. Doolittle with the bulls. All the animals loved him!!!!

Oh, we are having cooler weather also. It has been so hot and about 90 these last days and today I think it is around 70 and the clouds are spitting out some sprinkles of rain! PTL!!!! We need some rain!

God Bless you all!

PS...I have no idea why my blogs keep spacing out and looking so strange sometimes. I try to align and make it flowing, but it just doesn't behave! Sorry.

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