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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Grammy Update: Well she is back home safe. It is a very long story...I won't go into detail, but she is safe home now. PTL!!!! Thanks for all the prayers said. God is in control and I have complete faith in that.

Here are a few photos take by my friend Jacinda. She is a great photographer and being that I swam this year, she took a few photos of Melina and I for me!

Melina and I did the Sandpoint Long Bridge Swim on Saturday the 6th! It is a long 1.76 miles across the bridge! I was a bit nervous and not totally aware as to what I was getting myself into!

8-6-11 This was taken after the swim. Logan, Emily, Payton (photographers girl), and Melina after that LONG swim! GOOD JOB GIRLS! So proud!

This is BEFORE the swim! This is just scary...Here in the front is Payton (Melina's friend and also on the swim team) and Melina...then if you look right in the middle behind them is ME! I think I am dieing! Why is my face like that? Yes I was nervous...Yes I felt like running home...Yes I thought "what in the world am I doing"...so why the face? Maybe I was just praying! lol

Again, the girls are looking like "this is no big deal"...but take a look behind them...ME! Am I whistling? Blowing? Breathing? HELP!

Thank you Jacinda for taking this photo! This was right before we plunged our bodies into the lake! I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!! I was so proud of Melina...she swims like it is no big deal. It is effortless for her. Me? Well I have to work at it more.

Also, my husband showed up. It was a total surprise to see him there. He stayed the whole time. While I was swimming I would look up at the bridge and see him cheering me on! I couldn't have finished without him. I just love him so much!

It was a huge challenge and we did it! I haven't gotten the final numbers, but I believe out of over 700 swimmers, Melina came in #419 and I was #552! Amazing.

Then I was sick the rest of the night. Melina was fine...so amazing!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Way to go girls! You both are incredible, strong, amazing women!!! So, so proud of you both!!


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