God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little bit of two days ago, yesterday and today!

6-26-10 Here are Little Man Oscar, his sister Briar and our Olline playing in the sprinkler yesterday at our friends house. We enjoy being together. Sarah is the mom and she is my good friend. She and her husband Michael have these two super sweet kids!

6-26-10 Here is the man, Oscar!

6-26-10 I love this photo of Olline. I am not sure if she is excited, cold, or just being silly! But this is a great photo!

6-26-10 It was a little windy and cold for the sprinkler, but they had fun for about 10 minutes and then wrapped up in their towels!

6-26-10 Briar and Olline after the sprinkler time!

6-26-10 This is how Oscar likes to show off! He has moves! What a sweetie!


6-25-10 Melina made up a cute tune for a birthday song for ME!!! She is awesome! She even sang it! Good job babe...you gave me tears of joy!

6-25-10 Is this what a 34 year old looks like! Oh, check out the awesome necklace my sweet mother-in-law made for me. I LOVE IT! It also gave me tears of joy! THANK YOU SO MUCH JONI!!!!!
I also got a lot of "Twilight" goodies! Thanks. I also got $$$ for my camera savings fund. Oooo and Jade got me tickets for Brandi Carlile for the Sandpoint Festival! YEAH! Olline got me chocolates and a beach towel...Melina picked me out a camera magazine, wallet, shirt, bathing suit and a book light! WOW! I am spoiled. Thank you to all for your great gifts. I sure appreciate all of you! Most of all I cherish your love for me. The Lord is so good to us and I am very grateful!

6-26-10 Olline is sure glad for good friends!

6-26-10 It's COLD!!!!!!

Today, I have been cleaning. Girls are enjoying the sunny day and relaxing. I also baked a loaf of dill bread! It is YUMMY! I love dill. My friend Sarah made this dill dip and it is so light and refreshing...so I got inspired to make a dill loaf! YUM!

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  1. Thanks for your comment :D Looks like a fun day in the sun!


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