God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Monday, June 21, 2010

I know these are not in order. I was having issues uploading these photos. Here are a few I thought you would all like to see. This photo was on the 19th, when both girls came out with me to weed. I mean WEED. It was a huge job. I decided to ripe out all the plants under our maple tree! The roots were awful and Melina sure helped me out. I think I have the greatest helpers ever! They are wonderful helpers. I think Jade and I need to give them more chores! Though, they always ask for money! Lol! Can you see Melina's face, pulling those roots up? 6-19-10

Here is yesterdays photo. Jade took us over to the nursery and we picked up a few annuals and bark! It was a great day. I dug into my deck pots and planted new flowers. I wish those nasty wasps would leave me alone...Jade did come to my rescue and he sprayed the deck where they were trying to build the nests! Yuck! Thank you Jade!!!
I never know what to do in these pots and I like it that way. So every year it is different. Pretty! 6-20-10

Okay, here is a new one. While at the nursery...well...let me go back a few steps...You will have to use your imagination! This was over taken by WEEDS!!!!! It was just dirt and weeds. I always plant flowers here and as you can see on the left, one petunia survived. I didn't know they could do that. So, I sat and dug up all the wild weeds and behold a new plant...a KIWI plant! Wow! I had know clue kiwi's could grow here. We are giving it a whirl. So Jade helped me with that black weed matting and we layed new bark over the top. This is what it looks like...do you like it? 6-20-10

Now this was yesterday with Olline outside cheering Melina and I on with the weeding. She did help a little, but the sun was hot and so she wanted to stay in the shade! She is a dirt digger though. If I gave her my hand shovel, I think she would have dug up all our worms! 6-19-10

Well, what do you think of our garden? Isn't it pretty? Jade mowed yesterday and after I took pictures of my deck pots, I went around to take pictures of all our hard work! Jade has done a fantastic job on our garden. I am so proud of him. Garlic, carrots, spinach, lettuce, potatoes, and Raspberries...oh and Strawberries! The Strawberries are in the back there? Can you see them? They are getting big and I think we will have Strawberries this year! 6-20-10

Oh, ya, all that big WEEDING Melina and I did? Here is the final results! I love it. I put in two types of Lavender (one white and one purple) and sage! I love to smell them! They are small now, but I hope they take and become great full bushes. Don't you love the new bark too? This flower bed was an absolute mess before! I was ashamed of it, but now I am proud! 6-20-10

Well it wouldn't be a day outside without our baby Chowder (maybe he is an old baby, but our baby)! Melina took this photo and I think it is one of my favorites of him. Doesn't he make you smile? Can you see me weeding in the sun back there? When I first looked at this, I thought that was Melina in the background! 6-19-10

Here is the Father! I love this photo. He was just about to give Olline a smooch! She made him a cute Father's Day card! Precious!

Happy Father's Day! Well, they couldn't get any cuter! We had just eaten a yummy breakfast and the girls wanted to give their dad the cards they made. I just love my family. They are the most special people ever! WOW, I am a lucky lady!
Well I hope you enjoyed this. I wish I could post all my photos...though I would be here from sun up to sun down. I just love photos!
Love you all and May God Bless your day!

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