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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just tired

6-8-09 Olline fishing

6-8-09 Diana caught a fish!

6-8-09 Melina and her daddy fishing! I love this photo! They didn't know I took it!

Is there a full moon or something? I just feel off. I am not sure if I am getting sick or if the moon is becoming full! I have been really tired lately. Not too bad, but I feel something hanging over me. I think we have been going so strong and doing lots of active things, maybe my body is adjusting to that. Who knows?!

Today is a good day. The weather has been strange. It was so cloudy and dark and cold. I even turned on the heat a little today, because I got cold. Then the sun will shine for a bit and then dark clouds again. NO RAIN. We got a few sprinkles and spits, but not enough to call rain.

This evening is beautiful. The sun is out and everything looks gorgeous. Jade is out with the girls right now shooting arrows! So cute. I love when they all do it together.

Melina had a sleep over last night at a friends house. Her name is Emily and we met her at our Home school Co-op classes. Very sweet girl. It was her 10th birthday party and she invited Melina. I hear they didn't go to bed till 1am and woke up at 5am! Melina has been really good, but you can see she is super tired. She feel asleep on the couch just before I had to wake her up for swimming! She swam her little heart out and did super well. I am proud of her. I just can't believe she is still standing.

Olline has been hanging out with Jade and I a lot. Last night she wanted to play a guessing game. One person had to think of something in their head and the other two people had to ask questions to figure out what "it" was. We did that for a while and had a super fun time. Olline felt proud of herself, and felt that she invented that game.

This evening Jade hooked up my bike with Olline's bike extension. We rode around the neighborhood a few times and it was fun. Very strange to ride your bike with a wobbly girl attached to you. It was a lot of fun though. We hope to get out more on our bikes as a family. It's nice Olline can be right there with us. We are also hoping it will help her ride her own bike without training wheels.

Well, that's all here at the Smith house. We are all well and happy. Jade continues to work hard at Schweitzer. We are so grateful for him and his job.

All the schools here had their last day of school today! SO...now summer really begins with all the kid madness!!! Hee hee

We love you all. Our prayers are forever with you. God Bless.

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