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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Circus Circus

Yeah we went to the circus this evening. It always comes to Sandpoint in June and is held at the Bonner County Fair Grounds, right up the street from us. I got two free kids tickets the other day at a bookstore and I knew the kids would love to go. We didn't tell them until the moment we got there. We decided to go to the 7:30pm show and it was just cute.
I think the girls really loved it. They had the tigers, lions, acrobat girls and a funny lady clown!!! Speaking of clown...she came out into the audience and was pretending to "frame" men with her hands. Well first she came out with a huge book that said "How to find a man"!!! So then she got closer to our family and Melina pointed to her dad! LOL! So the lady clown "framed" Jade and asked him to come up to the center stage!!! LOL! It was so fun! She measured his biceps, had Jade dance, pick up a handkerchief for her, put on a red nose on him, all sorts of funny things. She even pretended to have him kiss her cheek (and Jade looked over at me!) and turned her face and they bumped noses. I think it surprised Jade so much! Then she kept him, because she "found her man" and brought me the book that said "How to find a man". She stole my guy!!!! It was so great. I think the girls just loved to see their dad up there! Jade was apart of the circus!
So I really couldn't get a good photo in there! My friend who also came tried to get Jade, but I don't have those photos yet. So here are just a few! Love you all. I'm going to rest now. It is almost 10pm!!! God Bless.

PS...ok I am having photo uploading problems...so I will try to get them up tomorrow! Good Night!

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