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Friday, January 27, 2012

"Neuter" Not So Fun

Our Baby Boy Bison (6 months old now) got fixed today!  It has been a process to get here.  He was scheduled originally for January 3rd and the Vet called to tell me his blood work came back "not normal".  His blood platelets were too low (blood too thin).  So after a few weeks of blood work and tests, he finally got his man-hood taken away!  I was excited to get him neutered at first, but seeing him like this makes me so sad.  The surgery went very well and he even had two baby teeth pulled because they were fractured and stuck.  WOW!  Poor Bison!

He is not happy with this funny cone on, but he cannot lick his wounds.

Bison just stands there whining, wondering what to do.

Then he puts his head down in shame and embarrassment...I feel so guilty!  Tonight may not be a good night!!! 

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  1. Aw, I feel so bad for your dog. :/ We are getting a puppy next Sunday, and when he is 6 months old we are going to have to get him fixed, so I guess that my dog will be wearing that cone too. :(


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