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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bible Study - Creation

This is just for fun.  Pictures taken with my phone.  The top left is of my girls.  Top right is my sweet Kiwi girl!  Bottom left was taken at 10pm the other week!  The alpine glow was awesome!  You could see everything.  And then of course bottom right is the Bison boy!
Today I wanted to write a little about Creation.  I have been thinking long and hard about this.  Even my daughters homeschool curriculum starts with a program called Creation to Christ.  I just thought I would pick your brain about how you feel and believe on Creation.
I am not talking about creating dinners or desserts.  Not even creating a master piece of art work.  Or creating a piece of awesome sheet music.  
I wanted to talk about God's Creation.  The knowing that a bigger power created "Everything".  In our Bible study group we are diving into a book called Starting Point: Find Your Place in the Story.  Starting Point: Find Your Place in the Story
Now, I have grown up always believe that our God created all things.  Just like we read in Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth,"
For me, I believe that God did all these things.  He did create everything, the heavens and earth, light and darkness, waters and sky, plants, trees and fruit, separating the night skies and the day time, all animals, fish, etc., and also man and woman!  He created us so well that He said "it was good"!  

However, many people ask, "How do we know that all this is true?", "We weren't there, so how can I trust the Bibles words?",  "Some of these statements are so Far out there, too supernatural for me.", or "I only believe it, when I see it."  So how do we answer these questions or statements?  
Why are we here on earth?  What's it all for?

One thing that amazes me is that the Bible has held it's own.  It has survived for many years.  Yes, I think that some of the words have been changed for us to understand better.  I don't feel it has been changed in a way that it is "completely" different than it was in 95 A.D. (when Revelation, the last book in the Bible was written).  I believe that the authors of the Bible have preserved it for all generations to know and understand our history.  The purpose for us being here.  It is the only book that has lasted as long as it has. 
It is a true testimony in history of knowledge we can still learn from!

Have you ever climbed a mountain?  Went for a hike?  Watched the sunrise or set?  How about planted a garden and watched it grow?  Or have you or know someone that's pregnant?  Talk about a miracle!  I think the blessings of children is a miracle in its self.  It should make you know that there is a wonderful God that created that beautiful baby that hasn't been born yet.
When you get to the mountain top and see all the gorgeous land out there.  All the wonders and beauty.  Do you stop to think that maybe there is a one true God that made all that?  Just in nature we can find so many reasons to believe that God is real.
I certainly do not have all the answers...I guess what it comes down to is faith!  In Hebrew 11:1 it says:  Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.  In Hebrew 11:3 it continues with:  By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.
I know that when I have faith, I "feel it" that all is true.  It is hard to believe in crazy things it talks about in Genesis.  If you sit down and really read it, there are some really crazy things going on!  But, when I see all that is around me and when I live by faith alone.  I know all of it is true. 

How it all exactly happened?  Know one knows...but I do believe in what the Bible says.  But are we really suppose to know it all?  Are we really suppose to dissect every little bit in the Bible?  Sometimes...somethings...we are not suppose to know...or understand...but can we live by Faith?

I challenge myself and challenge you to dive into the Bible.  If you are struggling with faith, I ask that maybe you just read the Bible.  Find a group or church that could help you with questions.  Find people that have a good foundation of our Lord.  In believing that through accepting Jesus into your heart you will be saved and live for eternity.  
What will it hurt to read the Bible?  Either nothing will happen.  Or maybe great things will come out of it.  Maybe you will learn some of  HIStory. 
I pray that in doing so, we will grow in His word and grow in our lives to do His will.  The Bible is a book of books, written by real people.  They wrote this knowledge down for generations to read and learn from.  

I am just like everyone else.  I have questions.  I am so not perfect!  I struggle in life.  I get frustrated...and the list goes on.
However, I do know that from reading God's word I find strength.  Every time I turn to Him I feel stronger and more aware of what He wants me to do.
I look forward to more Bible study groups.  My husband and I are doing it together and we are surrounded by a great group of people.  People that have a strong relationship with God, some that have questions, some that have studied the History of it all, and one that just picked up a Bible for the first time 6 months ago.  We are blessed and I pray that you will be too.

Let me know your thoughts.  Maybe add more to all these questions.



  1. Loved your thoughts, and I love God's word! He gives us the faith to believe what it says, and the Holy Spirit helps us to understand it and is always revealing new meanings to us.

    1. Thank you Lisa for visiting. Having the Holy Spirit is key! Through the Holy Spirit we can understand and grow in Him!

  2. I have learned through the years that faith, true with is also a gift from our God. That kind of faith that opens your heart to receive Him and His grace daily, moment to moment. Only as I went to Jesus telling ahim that I don't have that kind of faith, did He bless me in abundance with as much as I needed.
    I found your blog at Jenn's.
    Much love


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