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Friday, January 18, 2013

Food Friday

I am not sure, if I have ever blogged about any sort of food!  I am not sure what has gotten into me.  It started today during my daughter Olline's science experiment.  We were learning about anteaters and how their tongues are sticky and can stick in and out 150 times per minute!  Well, we took a 2 foot string to represent the anteaters tongue and dipped it into honey (so it would be sticky) and then tried to pick up "ants" like an anteater would.  Well our "ants" were raisins and white chocolate chips!  The kids also enjoyed trying to use their own tongues to get the yummy "ants".  So I had left over white chocolate chips and decided to make a batch of cookies from the recipe on the back of the bag.
YUMMY! Take a bite!

So glad I never made a New Years Resolution to loose weight or get super healthy!
However, after eating a few of these babies I think I will have to make that Resolution.

These are very sweet and super good.  Really, I could only handle about two cookies!   The family said they are delicious!  So go buy a bag of Hershey's Premier White Chocolate Chips and follow the so easy recipe on the back!  
Question:  Why is white chocolate called "chocolate", when I don't think it is truly chocolate? 

God Bless

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