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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have been thinking whether or not to blog about working out!  I struggle in this area.  For one...truthfully I have a very hard time being motivated.  Second, I have very bad knees, shoulders, neck, and back...I am broken!  My knees flare up very easily.  My back gets sore quickly.  I have had surgery on my right should and my left is following!
I don't want to sound like a wimp, but maybe I am.  I used to be able to workout any way I wanted.  Through the years my body has slowly told me that "working out hurts".  However, I do notice that if I do not workout, my body gets worse!  I am confused. 
SO...a friend let me borrow her elliptical machine (super nice, thank you) and I thought I would try getting on that at least four day a week.  To tell the truth I think I have had this machine for a few months now and I've only used it maybe...5 times...(I think?)  SAD!
My goal is to use it four days a week (at least 30 minutes to start) with yoga afterwards.  I feel stretching is super important, especially when my joints get so painful and sore.  I do love yoga, so I'll give it a try.
I also thought, that blogging about it may help me stay motivated!  I need to be motivated!   I do feel like these days are flying by and I haven't made any effort to take care of myself.  I want to run around with my kids.  I want to feel healthy and well.  I want to take care of my body.  Why is this so hard?  I had swam for a couple years and I had to take a break due to homeschooling and the timing of the swim class.  I miss it and maybe someday I will go back, but for now, I need to work something out here!

Maybe talking about it will help.  I don't know.  If I come back and blog about it, you will know something is sticking.  If I never blog about it again...well...who knows.

I know God is there for me and all of you out there!  I know I can draw strength through Him.
God Bless


  1. I've been trying to ride the exercise bike, too. Isn't it so easy to plan and much harder to follow through? I need a machine that lays me on it and moves my limbs. ha!

    1. Pamela, you just made me smile! I so wish I had a machine that picked me up and worked me out! Seems like its always "easier said than done". Well will just keep trying! We can do it!


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