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Friday, February 4, 2011

We're Here!

Okay, here I am...trying to take a moment to say "hello" to all of you reading my blog. I feel like I am a stranger. Almost forgot how to use this thing. Yes, we've been busy. School has taken over our lives. It is still going strong and we eat, sleep and breathe school!
Well, not quite like that, but it sure does feel that way.
Girls are great and working hard. Also swimming hard...but you already know that. There really isn't anything "new" to tell. I think we are just moving into each day and surviving the winter. We've had some really cold weather and the next two photos shows the cold beautiful weather we have had. It is finally warming up. I believe it was a warm 32 degrees today! I think we may sweat! Hee!
With all the things going on in this world...I just have to say..."Remember who you are" & "be strong" & "hold onto what is right" & "never walk away from His path and if you do just walk right back on" & "God has open arms to all"!

2-1-11 Here is Jade...well that man there is not Jade, but he and another man came over to buy our big plow! Jade is under his truck that he drove threw the snow in the backyard and got stuck!!! The three of them worked so long to get that truck out! Jade is putting on chains so he can try to get out! Can you see the little bit of yellow to the left, right behind where those "neighbor" dogs are? That is the plow Jade is trying to get to...to pull it to the front of the house! Oh, and it is just 15 degrees! Not sure if that beautiful sun is helping any! Burrrrr!

Well, they finally got it all hooked up and ready to move. Once Jade got that plow hooked up, he 4x4'd really fast to get it OUT! Surprised their fingers didn't fall off! So thankful the men were there to help, because Jade was going to do that all by himself. It all worked out perfectly!

1-31-10 Here is sweet Olline, playing her Math game. You have to type in the numbers super fast and it made her so nervous. However, she LOVES it. It is apart of her school. Her whole body was all tense. I LOVE IT!

Well, okay, I did it! I finally did a blog. I am sorry, I will try and be back soon. Be patient with us, life is just moving so quickly!
Love you all! God Bless!

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