God Has Blessed Our Day

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello to all...hope everyone is having a fantastic day. We are home and Melina is finishing school, while Olline is sick with a low fever and headache. She came down with it two days ago, but it didn't really hit her until yesterday. Not sure what is happening...this is our "sick" year and I am not liking it.
Melina is working extra hard to finish her semester strong! Can you believe that our first semester of school is just about over? She needs to meet a certain percentage by this Friday and she is right there, just needs a few more assignments turned in. She is doing so well and we are very proud of her.
This week, Jade is gone to Salt Lake City. He is doing Schweitzer business and we are praying that all his meetings and plans will go smooth. Can't wait to have him back home.
Oh, yes, I forgot to mention our story of the "Garage Cat". Cortes or Wild Beast as we should call him, snuck into our house over a week ago, while Jade and I were having dinner with employees. We left the girls home alone, because we knew we would be home early. Well, right when we got to the restaurant, Melina called and said Cortes attacked KIWI (our little white inside cat)!!!! My precious Kiwi! Well, long story short, when we got home Kiwi was hiding under Melina's bed. I had to pull her out and sit with her. She was so scared. Melina and Olline were super scared, but Melina saved Kiwi. Kiwi only ended up with two cuts on her back. Melina was hurt also. Cortes, scratched her because she grabbed him off of Kiwi! I was shocked that she had the courage to do that. If she wasn't there, I believe Kiwi would have been killed. Anyway, so now we are all a bit scared of our wild cat. He has bitten me and now hurt Melina! What do we do? I know in the spring he will be let out and can roam all over the neighborhood as normal, but for now we are still feeding and taking care of him. He is loving, but you just never know with a "wild" cat.

Here are the four hats I crocheted for my sisters family. I hope they like them. They are fun to make and super cute to wear!

1-8-10 Here are the girls on their first day of Funatics! We are so thankful that the girls are able to ski! PTL!

God Bless to all.

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