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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things to Share

Hello to all! How is everyone? Lots going on here. I'll just dive into it all with my photos...

Here is sweet Olline on Valentines Day.

Melina was able to go to a "girls only" dinner with the church group for Valentines. She even picked out a dress and looked amazing!!! We fixed her hair and she left to get ready with her friend Amanda later. I wasn't able to get photos of her in her dress! Wish I had, she was so pretty! Please STOP growing up!!!

Here are the cupcakes Melina and I made for Valentines Day. My mom-in-love (law) sent us the most fun package in the mail. It had everything to set up for a Valentines Day Party! She even sent the cake batter! Thank you Mom S. for all that you do for us here in Idaho! We LOVE YOU!

Okay, here it is...BUTTERBEER! If you are a Harry Potter fan, you probably are interested in the Butterbeer they talk about in the books and movies. My mom found a recipe online and we tried it! www.mybakingdom.com I think I would definitely use less whip topping and maybe try a orange cream soda. I am not huge on the regular vanilla cream sodas. It was super duper sweet. We were trying to match the one sold at the Harry Potter park at Universal Studios in Florida. I have never been there, but I can imagine it tasted about like this photo.

2-6-11 Olline had found a packet of Fairy paper dolls. I had no idea I even had it. They are so beautiful! Olline loved punching them out and putting them together. Go to www.flowerfairies.com to see more of these items.

Cute Fairies!

Here they are altogether.

Have a Great Evening! God Bless!

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