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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weee, Another Post

Today, I thought I would share yesterdays pictures and stories. So every Saturday the whole family wakes up early, around 6am, to get ready for work (Jade works) and for the girls Funatics ski classes. I usually ponder on if I should go up to the mountain, or stay home to clean (or be lazy and rest). Well, yesterday Melina decided to ride up with her dad, while Olline and I took the 8am bus up to Schweitzer. Olline really wanted to go with her dad, but I think she had a great time with me and riding the Schweitzer bus for the first time.

You see, I try to safe gas money and wear on my Suburban by taking the bus. I usually do not go up to the mountain till around 2pm. However, Jade encouraged me to go early and I DID! So glad I did.

The girls started their classes at 9:30am, while I got ready to snowboard. Jade met me on the hill for one run, then he had to go back to work. I stayed out and did about 5 more runs (meaning I rode the chair lift up and snowboarded down 5 times) and had a great time. It is a huge ordeal for me. I have a "little" fear about riding the lift. I just have a nervous fear about getting off! I have gotten stuck twice on the chair lift and it isn't fun. So I get a little worried. However, I know that if I teach my children that "they CAN", I need to practice what I preach. So I did, and in the big mass of people surrounding me. It is a bit intimidating. WOW, I think I am rambling on too much. Sorry...
SO, the weather was perfect. The sun was shining and the snow was pretty great! I even saw my girls in their groups having a great time. We are so spoiled and I never want to take it for granted. I want to enjoy every moment that we have in the opportunities the Lord blesses us with.

Well, then I decided to take the 1pm bus back down the hill so I could get some things accomplished at home. It is a very strange feeling to leave your family on the mountain like that. I felt like I should stay till the girls were finished, but I know they are in perfect hands with their dad!

Okay, enough of my yapping...here are my photos from yesterday...

Here is Olline sliding down on a small hill in the back of where Jade's office is. Oh, and I heard that Olline skied her first Black Diamond run yesterday! I heard she is looking so good and has really good form! Proud of you honey!

Here are our girls ski's. Fun stuff!

2-5-11 Before the girls went out they were practicing their sliding abilities with just their ski boots on! They have a great pair of friends that are sisters as well. Kaitlan and Kinzie. They are the girls same age and they also swim together. In fact most of their ski team also swims.

2-5-11 Here they are! (left to right) Kinzie, Olline, Kailan and Melina. Melina looks like a giant compared to the others, but when you are about 5' 4" at 11 you will look TALL! hee

Here is fearless Melina. Isn't she cute! I am so proud of her and she is becoming a very excellent skier! I think she can go pretty much anywhere on the mountain. She has a really good group!

I forgot and hate to admit...but why not share to all my imperfections? I did take one more run on the hill. I was tired and I had just ate a huge yummy burrito. So, I get off the chair lift just fine and I was boarding down just so easily. I got to a part of the hill that was pretty steep and feeling full and a bit weak, I clipped the edge of my snowboard and fell. I started sliding sideways, then sliding backwards (with my feet and board up in the air), then I slid on my other side. I finally got my board in front of me to stop myself! I think I slid about 30-40 feet down the mountain! It was crazy! I couldn't stop myself AT ALL! Scary, but I am so thankful there wasn't anyone around me. Not because of embarrassment, but because I didn't want to hurt anyone! Okay, finished...
Hope you all have a Blessed day!

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  1. Thanks Diana for sharing such a fun filled day w/ us! Love you lots! {Big Hug} Jenger


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