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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Monday, February 21, 2011

Super Friends

We were blessed with company this weekend. Our great friends Vince and Nancy came over on Saturday to visit with us and the girls. I have to say right when they walked in the door that late afternoon, the girls and I just felt so happy! They are great people. Olline had been counting down the minutes to see them. She loves her Uncle Vince! We are so grateful to have them in our lives and thankful they decided to come see us. I think Jade was a bit happy as well...hee.
We went out to dinner at the Hydra that cold windy night and had a super yummy dinner there. Then we got home and played a few rounds of Kinect bowling and Table Tennis. Otherwise, we spent the evening chatting and catching up on each others lives. Which means more to us than anything.
(Thank you Nancy and Vince for coming to see us. We appreciate your time and love for our girls! Please come back anytime!)

Nancy and Olline dancing after a round of Table Tennis! They won!

Olline is a super serious bowler! She was having an "off" night and she really wanted that strike! She holds a ball to get the "feel" of the true bowling experience! She is a doll!

The big boys played a round of Table Tennis also. They even tried a round each of the boxing! It is so fun and funny to watch!

Uncle Vince in a serious bowling roll!

Sweet Melina decided not to play Kinect with us and she played on the computer! We missed her, but she was just happy and content to be here at the computer.

2-20-11 The next morning when Vince and Nancy were about to leave, our sweet little friends came over to play with Melina, Olline and I. I was able to watch my friend Sarah's kids for the day! They are the best behaved/sweet kids ever! Really! Olline and Briar get along so well. They are both a little stubborn and I could hear them argue a little, but it seems to never bother one another! So cute and precious.

Here they are playing with the toys. They had a great time (I hope) and we played hard! I think all of us were a bit tired that evening! It was a great day!

2-16-10 I just liked this photo of Olline and Kiwi. Olline was making a few "foam" characters on the futon and Kiwi was checking out the garage door. Probably because Cortez (the garage cat) was making noises.
Oh, by the way, we finally got Cortez neutered!!! We took him in on Saturday and did the deed! We got his shots and they even said he had worms!!!! YUCK! Which means that before winter he was never fully treated by our neighbor (who said he would take care of it). I think our neighbor tried, but Cortez just wouldn't stay over there to get treated, because he was always at our house. Anyways, I am so happy he is fixed and will have a chance to be healthy. And maybe calm down a bit!
Hope you will all have a great day! God bless you!

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