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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Baby is Sick

Over a week ago we noticed that Bison was having back right leg problems.  We thought maybe he hurt a muscle on the ice or pulled something running in the snow.  His pain was going off and on, but then it got worse.  We were not sure if we should take him to the vet or see if it would heal on it's own.  We were given some advice to give him half dose of Ibuprofen, so we did, and I am here to tell you DO NOT GIVE YOUR PETS IBUPROFEN!!!!!  It made Bison sick.  We thought for a little while he wouldn't make it.  It was scary, but that evening he seems to snap out of it.  So...today, Bison wouldn't even get up.  He didn't even want his food.  He ate laying down!  BISON NEVER DOES THAT.  He will eat anything at anytime.  I was concerned. 
I took him into the vet this morning.  He has a fever. They took two x-rays.  The vet told me he "thinks" it's panosteitis.  It is a bone disease that is common in young large breed dogs.  It can transfer from one bone area to the other and last up to 2 years!  So far it's only in Bisons back right leg.  Still there is a chance that it is something more or worse.  We went home with a huge bill and expensive medication.  Bison has been sleeping all day long.  He won't get up!  I am worried.
We are going to wait a couple days to see if he needs blood work or more x-rays.  I am praying he will just feel better.

He is miserable!  Ouchie. 

He just wants love.  He just wants us to cuddle with him.  He just wants his pain to go away!

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