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Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Friends

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Isn't he good looking?  This is Thor.  He is a beautiful/wonderful chocolate Lab!!  We were so thankful for our good friends, Molly and Ryan, who came over this Presidents Day weekend.  We also enjoyed this big boy.  He wasn't too sure about his new surroundings, nor was he impressed with our little boy Bison.  They were the funniest dogs ever with each other.  Bison wanted to play and chase Thor.  Thor didn't like that, but then when Bison wasn't looking Thor would go up to him and sniff him.  It was an on going thing.  However, on day two, they were almost laying by each other!  Thor got as close as he could handle!  LOL!  What a lover he is though. 

Here is Bison tempted to eat Olline's gloves.  He just thinks it's a game.  I did use Thor's shock collar on him to get him to stop doing this.  It worked.  Olline loves her Bison and he loves her.  I just love this picture.

Another funny thing is that Thor LOVED Olline.  He wanted to protect her.  He would follow her everywhere.  He always checked back in with his momma (Molly), but then would go back out to see Olline.  In this photo, Bison was doing his "glove" game and Olline was yelling at Bison "NO"...well, that is all it took.  Thor then did his "manly" big bark at Bison and stopped Bison's games.  It was so funny.  Bison wasn't sure what to think.  Bison just thinks "hey, she's mine...I love her gloves...what did I do?" 
Thanks Thor for protecting my girl!!!

Thank you Molly and Ryan for coming and spending time with us!

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