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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trying to Update

I am trying to figure out this blog stuff this morning. Not having any luck. I am just hoping that whoever may be reading this, it is coming in clear.

So far October has been a whirlwind!!! Jade had a birthday, Bison is a spaz, swimming has taken over, and school is a lifestyle! I try to remember that God is in control and that all I need to do is follow Him and all will be good! Whenever I try to be in control...well, it just never works! I love the fact that God is our guide and all I need to do is let Him take the reins! He is so good and never fails us! What a great feeling it is to have our Lord be there for us through all things. Hard times and good times, He is there!

Bison boy is growing fast. I believe he has doubled in size. I will have to post current photos because even in these photos I think he has grown! He is going to be huge!!! He seems to learn fast, but only in short lessons. He seems to mind Jade really well. Jade's presence is good to have around, because Bison seems to be more calm. He pushes Melina's and mine buttons and we are always having to show Bison who's boss. He is sleeping longer through the night and that is a blessing!!! He is eating like 3 cups a day of food...sounds like a lot to me, but I guess it is normal for a 10 week old puppy that's HUGE!
Our chickens are fantastic and I hope to get new photos of them soon. I believe 4 out of 6 are laying. It is fun to check the nesting boxes to see if we have eggs. They will slow down a bit, because we are losing daylight. Though, 3 or 4 eggs a day is plenty and we may have to start giving some away to the neighbors.
Like I said, swimming is taking over. Melina is swimming 3 days a week, Olline 2, and I am back swimming 3 days! I feel like I am living at the pool. The girls will have a swim meet at the end of the month and we are looking forwards to that!!!
School is going great. Can't believe that we have put in about 160 hours of school so far!!! Girls love it. Need a good push of motivation once in awhile, but I can say that for myself as well!

I am experimenting with a 30 day trial version of Lightroom 3! It is a photo organizer and editor. I like it so far, but cannot figure out how to save my edited photos to share on the web. So I hope to figure it all out and start posting more current photos! Again, just be patient with me. I am a bit slow at blogging with all the things happening here in the Smith family. Wish I could just play on this computer all day and edit photos, but my life is busy and I am happy!

9-28-11 Bison "looking calm"

9-28-11 Jade and girls putting up our dog fence. Now he can't roam the whole yard! This is a lifesaver!
9-24-11 Here is my crazy boy!!!! LOL!

9-24-11 Love this one! I love his back side!

These photos are also on my facebook, plus more. Like I said, I am trying to take more new ones, but it will take me a while to figure out Lightroom 3!

Please say a prayer for my sis-in-love. She will be traveling to China this coming week to help children there and hopefully share our Lords love! I admire her for her compassionate heart and deep love she shares. I pray that God will give her strength, encouragement, an open heart, the ability and opportunity to share His word, and much protection! May her travels be safe and wrapped in God's angels!!! (love you J)

God bless you all. May He guide you in your thoughts and day!

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  1. Thank you so much for the warm wishes. Just love you so much! Your pictures are precious...especially the one of Bison's tail! He is the cutest! Can't wait to meet him in person! Big Hug to each one you!


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