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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bike Time and Chicken Coop

Well, as you can see Olline has finally learned to ride her bike. It has been a yearly process, but she put on her knee/shoulder pads, gloves and helmet and took off. I worked with her Friday and Sunday and on Sunday she was off on her own!!! Yeah!!! We are so very proud of her. So now with Melina's new bike and Olline riding on her own we can now go on family bike rides.

6-12-11 Melina helping Olline get started

6-12-11 "Check me out mom!"

6-10-11 Inside coop - chicken door

6-10-11 Nesting boxes for our chicken's eggs!

Here are the nesting boxes from the outside. We have since attached the cover!

6-10-11 Louise and Craylola! Fat birds.

6-10-11 Chickens in the Corner

I will post more photos later. We have made huge progress since these photos. Can't wait to show you. Chickens are not in it yet, but we are so close. It is raining buckets today, so photos will have to wait till dry weather shows up.

God bless you all!

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  1. Wow~ I love that coop! Incredible! Plus, can't believe Olline is riding on her own! What a big girl!!


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