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Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July Photos

Sweet Birthday Meme

Okay...check out this HUGE piece of mud pie! It was huge and we all ate it! We didn't have just one, we had two! They were for Meme and Papa for their birthdays! Yummy!

Enjoying my time with my family!

Two love birds!

Awesome Melina on the boat!

Storms a brewin'

7-4-10 Can you see the Storm coming off to the left?

Melina ready for the adventure

Birthday Dad and Di

Olline ready for the boat ride

Here is the 4th of July Family

I am finally getting some photos done so I can share them with all of you! We had a great time with my parents. It was their birthdays!!! Yes, they were both born the the Fourth of JULY! Isn't that wonderful? It is always a treat to have them here for the fourth. We feel like we are getting a huge gift, by having them here! Thank you mom and dad for coming. We appreciate you so much!

We had an adventure this fourth. The weather just wasn't right...it was on the edge of stormy. We ended up going on the boat after a great huge dinner at the Hydra! It was close...but we got to see God's real fireworks (lightening)-on the boat. Scary, and so we flew back to the dock to get home just in time for the huge rains to come pouring down. It was a great evening though. We enjoyed every moment of it! Papa and Jade even did a few fireworks in the RAIN! It was super funny!

Love you all and GOD BLESS!

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