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Thursday, May 27, 2010


I wanted to share of few photos of our Titanic The Experience in Orlando, FL! It was so fun. So sad and alway touches our hearts.
I do not claim to taking some of these photos. I got a lot of them off The Experience Site and others. Mine didn't turn our so well with dark lighting in the rooms.
1st class: 325 total - 199 saved
2nd class: 285 total - 119 saved
3rd class: 706 total - 174 saved
crew: 913 total - 214 saved
Approx. Total passengers on the Titanic: 2,229
Only 713 saved
These numbers are not exact...according to research we do not know for sure the exact numbers.
However, it is still a chilling thought! To put yourself on that ship and try to feel what they must have felt.
More Survivors and a lifeboat tipped over

Titanic waiting for it's voyage!

Survivors of Titanic in lifeboat meeting the Carpathia

Real deck chair from Titanic!

Actors of the Titanic Experience on deck of ship

Wireless operator room!

Titanic Perisian Room

They had the costume Leonardo DeCaprio wore on the Titanic Movie (my photo)

Entry Sign of the Titanic The Experience (my photo)

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